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Promotional Football – Cup Night with Union Marmirolo-Assola

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Mantua The spotlight is on the “Pilade Canuti” stadium in Marmirolo, where this evening the single match of the round of 16 of the Italian Cup between Union Team Marmirolo and Asola will take place. A derby in which the two teams arrive with different emotions. Both tied on Sunday in the tournament away from home to San Lazaro and Borgosatolo respectively, but the situation is completely different in the standings. However, the cup is a completely different story and in a one-kick match (in the event of a draw in the 90th minute, penalties are awarded immediately) anything can happen. «The draw with San Lazaro was just a mistake – says Mr Filippo Perinone of Union Marmirolo. However, I am satisfied that the performance was not lacking. What we lack is a striker who scores 20 goals a season, but also character and personality. We will try to avoid repeating the mistakes we made on Sunday. We want to spend the shift to disrupt the environment. the team? I will give more space and more playtime to those who have played less, but the foundation will always be the same. We know that Asola has important individuals, like Chito and Bonaiuto, it is a dangerous team, but we have the advantage of playing at home. This should encourage us to do our best, and play the game of heart, mind and right evil.”
For his part, Asola comes to Marmirolo with the desire to perform well and with maximum concentration. “It will be a test to understand where we can go,” says coach Mauro Franzini. With Borgosatolo, for what we did, we deserved to win. It’s unfortunate, but now we have to look ahead and think about the cup match. It’s not our primary goal, but we want to honor our commitment. I’ll give space to those who played less as well because this year’s tournament is evenly matched, so new powers and careful energy management are needed. I know very little about our opponents – concludes Kaiser Franz – they have changed a lot compared to last year and it is true that we are ahead in the championship, but be careful not to underestimate them. Let’s go and play it until the end and we will give our best.”
Whoever passes the round will face the round of 16 (November 1) with the winner of the Brescia derby between Sporting and Fuparno.

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