Home entertainment Giulia Innocenzi is at Racal to present the documentary

Giulia Innocenzi is at Racal to present the documentary

Giulia Innocenzi is at Racal to present the documentary

Racalli – After being shown for the first time on February 22nd in Brussels at the European Parliament, the documentary “Food for Profit” has achieved great success throughout Italy. With her show tour, writer Giulia Innocenzi will stop on Thursday, April 4 at Racalli for a double date, where a discussion meeting will be held at the end of each show.

The author will answer participants' questions and tell them what she experienced, revealing the dark side of the meat industry. Two already sold-out screenings are scheduled for several days, one at 4.30pm and the other at 7.30pm, on the first floor of the Palazzo d'Ippolito in Racalli, where the journalist and presenter who has already been the protagonist on the small screen sits. The screen will be present for its investigations inside intensive farms in the program broadcast on Rai3, Report.

“We are honored to host Giulia Innocenzi in our city, where her investigative work combines with the urban park we are creating. In fact, the main goal of the project is to accompany the local community to adopt a healthy lifestyle with a low environmental impact,” declares Robert D’Alessandro, President of Aps RacaleCam.

90% of meat comes from intensive farming and Food for Profit is the first documentary to highlight the relationship between the meat industry, lobbyists and political power. He discusses without a filter the billions of euros that Europe has allocated for intensive agriculture, denouncing the mistreatment of animals, environmental pollution, and the risk of epidemics in the future. The ninety-minute documentary not only shows the horror of intensive agriculture and the political collusion that protects it, but also addresses the main problems associated with this industrial production: water pollution, exploitation of migrants, loss of biodiversity and antibiotic resistance. The documentary's final message is clear: we must stop this corrupt system if we want to save the planet and ourselves.

Behind the film, in addition to Giulia Innocenzi, there is Pablo D'Ambrosi, veteran of investigative documentaries, who together, thanks to 5 years of investigative work, shed light on the hidden side of intensive agriculture throughout Europe. In addition to the directors, “ALI”, Animal Law Italia ETS, founded in 2016, is also an integral part of the production and has already collaborated with some organizations active at national level in the field of animal protection, with the aim of bringing to Italy a new innovative approach for the benefit of The Animal Promotion Act, which coordinated investigations into farms across Europe, and Lorenzo Mineo, who led the secret investigation in Brussels, gathered important information about political decisions regarding the industry.

The show is organized by Racale CAM within the project “Community Garden – Cultivation of Sustainability” (created in cooperation with the Fund for Financing Projects and Activities of Public Benefit in the Third Sector – Articles 72 and 73 N.D. Legislative Decree No. 100). 117/2017 – PugliaCapitalSociale Notice 3.0.) In collaboration with Animal Law Italia which manages Giulia Innocenzi's tour in Puglia.

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