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“I will do everything to make you happy”

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Alex dedicates kind words of affection to Sully.

There are a few hours to go A new episode of Big Brother VIPwho will go Aired tonight, Friday, November 26, 2021 on Canale 5. In the meantime, Alex Bailey He allowed himself to go to a beautiful one advertisement from the direction of Soleil rise.

Alex’s dedication to Soleil

The complicity born in a house big brother vip between Alex E Sun getting stronger. The Thanksgiving activity reinforced the stable and strong relationships that had been created thus far. If Sophie Codegoni gets criticized for her mess, the influencer got one beautiful dedication by the actor.

“I loved your thanks. You know you’re one of the things I’m grateful to have here.” confess the worries embracing Clear. “Me too, I love you so much. I always want to see you shine. Alright?” The actor responded immediately whispering to her Sweet words in the ear.

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Alex Then he concluded: “I will do everything to make you happy. Do you feel how much my little heart loves you?!”. How will he react? Delia Duran? According to the latest developments progress, The The actor’s companion must enter the house the right of tonight’s episode. we will see.

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