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Kirby and the Lost Land, Trailer With Release Date On Nintendo Switch –

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Kirby and the Lost Land has a date Exit Officially, it was revealed by the new trailer released by Nintendo: The game will be available in Nintendo Switch Starting March 25th. The news, however, does not end there.

Presented with a playable theatrical performance during the latest Nintendo Direct, Kirby and the Lost Land will push us into an abandoned and unknown scenario, which we will have the task of exploring in search of wobble de He was kidnapped by an army of monsters.

“To save his friends, Kirby sets out on a journey with the curious Elfilin, whom he meets in the New World,” Nintendo’s press release reads.

In an overwhelming adventure, players can use a variety of capacity Kirby to battle enemies and navigate vibrant 3D worlds. A place awaits them where nature and past civilizations have merged to create a series of challenging platform areas. When setting out to free a captive Waddle Dee, it can be helpful to explore every nook and cranny to save as many as you can along the way.

In addition to Kirby’s distinct copy capabilities, there will be a few New additions To his repertoire: Transcription skills digging and scouting. Drill lets you dive into the ground and attack enemies from below with a powerful blow, while Scout lets you see enemies far away.

Kirby may also have a co-star in his adventure. It is possible that another player can join the journey as Waddle Dee Helper. Players can launch a variety of attacks with his spear and can easily switch to co-op mode For two players on the same console by sharing Joy-Con.

Kirby and the Lost Land, one of the leaders of the campaign

Kirby and the Lost Land also offers The town of Waddell, which is the central hub of the adventure. The city will grow more and more based on the number of Waddle Dee saved. Many stores will be opened and players will be able to enjoy some of the favorite games of the citizens. Kirby can also help out at the Waddle Dee Bar.

Players will need to quickly prepare customer orders to keep them satisfied and achieve a high score. In Waddle Dee Town you can meet Erudito Waddle Dee who will give you useful tips. By going online, based on global operator data, you can get some details including the total number of Waddle Dee saved worldwide and the possibility of copying the most popular at the time.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the Kirby series, and by the way, Who is the Wallpaper can be downloaded.

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