December 3, 2023

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The flag is on the table. Climate and food: an inextricable link

The flag is on the table.  Climate and food: an inextricable link

On October 20, a meeting at Opificio Golinelli in Bologna to reflect on the consequences of intensive production on the environment and health. And understand what we can do in everyday life.

What are the effects of intensive crops and livestock on climate? What food is produced with this type of production that aims to increase quantity over quality? What are the effects of all this on our health? The meeting revolves around these questions Climate change and food: what’s the link?which – which Gulinelli Foundation And the Black Elk They are organizing on October 20th. The appointment, Free, at 6 pm at Opificio Golinelli on Via Paolo Nanni Costa 14 in Bologna. In conjunction with the conference, a free workshop for girls and boys “Ciak, si mangoste!” will be held.

They will discuss the case Renata Alevaa registered dietitian and food science specialist and member of the Executive Board of ISDE, the International Society of Physicians for the Environment, Fabio TaftaniH ., Professor of Botany at the Polytechnic University of Marche-Ancona Judita Pellegrinijournalist at Terra Nuova.

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