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Building Bonuses, Rovinj (Revenue): “Fraud for about a billion, even butchers who paid bills to work on buildings”

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Same billion euros. This is the amount of damage to the state treasury tricks Register in Construction Bonuses. Confirmation arrived on November 14th directly from the Director of Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffiniwho speaks to half an hour more In Rai 3, he had to update the fraud balance to above the 800 million euros that was calculated ten days ago. A number that, for Ruffini, also justifies Damage Beneficiaries of the facilities starting from Friday when Because Anti-fraud decree A tax platform to report the allocation of credits and invoice discounts has become inaccessible. However, this is a problem, the agency’s number one explained, which is due to be resolved starting from Beginning of the week.

“The total amount of fraudulent house rewards, including Superbonus, is up to 950 million euros, almost all of them are monetized,” declared Ruffini. He added: “We received reports from citizens, we made a series of checks and checked the most diverse: jobs that were billed but left only on paper, Invoices issued by non-construction companies, really The butchers who issued the bills for construction work.” He emphasized that “it was precisely for this that the intervention was urgent” and so the government chose the practically mandatory path of the decree. The problem was actually born on Friday as a result of the sudden extension, with dl on Preventive checks, from the visa to comply with all construction bonuses: not only the Super Bonus (as it has been until now) but also the Renovation Bonus, Facade Bonus and Environmental Bonus. The maneuver is necessary to prevent abuse and fraud, which has therefore had the side effect of obligating the financial department to: Temporarily suspend operation The platform through which the sale of discounts is managed, along with all relevant options. Rovini now reassures all those eligible for service that the service will be restored: “Sogei is upgrading IT systems to meet new requirements, starting with offering compliance visa for all bonuses, and not just 110%. Then everything will be back to normal.

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In the meantime, the parliamentary study of the decree promises to be already active, with political forces starting from 5 star movementand demand corrective actions to avoid slowdown in business. So the parties will be engaged at the same time in this game, in a game tax decree but also maneuver In particular the distribution of 8 billion for tax cuts. As the number one revenue agency, Ruffini did not express an opinion on the destination of the “treasure”, only mentioning one of the most popular options on the table: Reducing personal income tax ratesWhich, according to the official, causes a jump even “by earning one euro more”. However, there was a call on his part and he aimed not to waste the available resources: only in this way can the interference truly be felt in the taxpayers’ wallets. No fear for citizens’ pockets should instead stem from advertising Land Registry Reform. A process, Ruffini asserts, which will be carried out only for illustration, for example is also useful for civil protection to get a true picture of buildings in seismic areas.

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