December 10, 2023

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No way home? Latest rumors

Now that Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally hit theaters, MCU fans are always on the receiving end Supplement to Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and on the characters that will appear in the film. Let’s see what the latest rumors have to say about it.

If the time for Spider-Man: No Way Home theories is over, it’s for New Marvel movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch Experienced a sharp boom, especially after the launch Doctor Strange 2 . trailer.

Why do we say that a file Talk about a movie directed by Sam Raimi Both new things would not be true, but fans now feel more than ever that they are able to venture into new hypotheses, also thanks to the film’s implications with Tom Holland.

Here then are the burning rumors about the existence of X-Men in Doctor Strange 2, but not only…

Doctor Strange 2 will be a celebration in style for Marvel as it was #SpiderManNoWayHome for the Spider-Man franchise.. Expect loads of crazy flicks as Strange and Wanda go to battle for the MultiverseTom Smith of the Cape Time Podcast wrote a comment on a post from Big Screen Leaks about the possibility of seeing another well-known face from the past in the movie…

For obvious reasons, I was asked not to divulge this information, but Marvel has already reached out to Ben Affleck for a cameo as Daredevil. They sent the initial contracts out to his team, but I’m not sure if anything was followed. But keep in mind I heard this last fall (October/November), so anything could have happened since then. I haven’t heard of any updates, though“.

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Meanwhile, Scooper Daniel Richtman is keen to let everyone know a few more details: “I didn’t really mean anything, but also, Suddenly, #SophieTurner appeared with red hair and shaved #JamesMcavoy. Will we have Jean Gray and Professor Xavier in #MultiverseOfMadness? #DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness #DoctorStrange2 #XMen #XMen97 #DoctorStrange #MarvelStudios“.

But would it really be so? Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Are they really going to be filled with glittery embossing? Let us know you in the comments.