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Vancouver\Ice\ – This happened last March 31 Vancouver Italian Cultural CentreA group ofIntercomites Canada. Vancouver Comites Leaders, Vitus BrunoToronto, Michael DeMarcoMontreal, Margherita M. Morcella and CGIE Councilor for Canada, Rocco di Trolio. Apart from them he also participated in the meeting Christian DeSanzoElected Democratic Party Vice President in Central and North America.
The meeting was an excellent opportunity to discuss the state of consular services in Canada, the coordination of initiatives between the Comités, how to support the activities of the Comités and promote the Italian language and culture despite almost 50% ministry cuts.
Many items on the agenda: consular network and services, consular coordination meeting, Comites funding, publishing, foreign press contributions, Italian language and culture (advertisers), situation of CGIE nominations, relations with the world of associations, Comites and future planning tourism of Roots.
“This was an opportunity to explore the different realities in which Canada’s Comits operate and forge future collaborations that will become a solid reference for the communities they represent,” commented Toronto’s Comits.
“A very productive and fruitful meeting. We have strengthened our relations, shared our work experiences and explored possible ways to improve the work that still needs to be done. Thank you all sincerely,” Comites Montreal added.
“For my part, there will be no lack of commitment to improving diplomatic services and supporting the activities of the Comites in favor of the Italian community, which I have been trying to avoid since the beginning of my mandate. Cutting the funds to the Comites and CGIE in the budget law”, commented the Honorable. Sansovin. (ice)

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