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Twenty thousand fees for football stars

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Marty McFly’s time machine from “Back to the Future” Had the doors been open from the early hours of the morning to begin travel during the 1990s, just as the queue of people waiting was clearly visible from the road leading to… Allende Street. In the The arena in front of the stand strip at the Aricci stadium colorful shirts They remained intertwined and “mixed” waiting for these players who made history but remained well imprinted in the memory and present of the fans. Operation Nostalgia and Fun Village – Yesterday morning and until evening – they managed to “bring” more than 13 thousand people to the city (excluding the 6,436 tickets sold in Salerno). An event of football nostalgia in the 1980s and 1990s that did not go unnoticed in Italy, leaving the city of Arece in the spotlight all day but also creating a noticeable tourism and economic impact in just one weekend. Municipal administration forThe establishment is on Rome Road But he did his part: not only did he give the field and forecourt on Via Allende free all day Saturday, he also made sure everything ran smoothly. Not a precise and detailed traffic plan but municipal controls since the early hours of the morning at the entrance to the stadium waiting for cars coming from the south of Italy, from the center but also from the north.

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The subdivision of tickets sold by region is nominal, resulting in hotels and B&Bs being full even at the last minute: 4 tickets sold in Valle d’Aosta, 95 in Piedmont, 858 in Lombardy, 14 in Trentino, 21 in Friuli, 181 in Veneto, 321 in Emilia Romagna, 93 in Marche, 138 Abruzzo, 61 Molise, 451 Puglia, 397 Basilicata, 606. Calabria, 120 Sicily, 25 Sardinia, 3149 Lazio, 35 Umbria, 268 Tuscany and 31 Liguria which add up to the 9209 tickets issued throughout Campania.. Everyone is crazy Totti and Baggio But also for Chivanton, the Filipino brothers, Amelia, Trezeguet, Zanetti and the Salerno natives Fusco and Di Cesare. The shirts, especially those made from grenades, blend in as well as the dialects and dialects of the families who remained “in the shade” of the trees waiting for a photo, autograph and historic shirt to purchase. Speaking of the historic shirts used by football players, the first to sell out were the Salernitana shirts: “We have finished the historic shirts of Al-Husayn, the last shirt from the Italian League in 1998 – said the stadium manager – there is a lot of enthusiasm, especially from the people of Salerno. They made us open early because many people were queuing for an hour before the scheduled opening.” Between a goal with the Filipino twins and pictures with Chivanton, Cesar, Marco Amelia, Fusco shirts and Vanucci – Former Hippocampus stars – He stood out among everyone, hand in hand with the blue Napoli players.


“The history of Italian football has been told and the presence of illustrious names means that Salerno has become a national showcase – he declared Tourism consultant Alessandro Ferrara – Our beautiful city has been highlighted even more. In the spring and in these first days of summer, we had and are still seeing a good trend even compared to 2023, reaching +13%. This can also be seen from the fact that we had 78% “Incoming” on June 2nd. This morning in the streets of the center (yesterday, editor) there were many tourists, including football fans, and not only did they pass by the cruise ships, but many of them chose Salerno as their destination. Bringing it to the national and international circles achieves a good result from an economic and national point of view. The sea routes work very well allowing us to get excellent feedback: the first data tells us that there were already 150 thousand tourists. This makes us very happy and shows us that Salerno is a city to be taken into account. Last but not least, the opening of the airport will be very beneficial. It is important to be present and attentive in our territory, as with this event – concluded Ferrara – there is always room for improvement and everyone must commit. “The support of all entities, not only public but also private, is essential.”

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