December 6, 2023

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Professional football does not care about the national team crisis. What you see are just crocodile tears

Professional football does not care about the national team crisis.  What you see are just crocodile tears

I immediately put my hand. I’m about to say something that 90% of readers won’t like: the national team has little passion for myself. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I come from home with the narrow-minded privilege, where two people can found three parties, and so the love for blue hasn’t touched me much. The utmost respect to those who think differently, but that is my truth.

rivers of words – I made this hypothesis because I consider it necessary to clarify the starting point in my area of ​​the second Italian failure, a week after the collapse in Palermo. Seven days ago, I wrote on these pages that a crusade would begin with some casualties (no), but with a little bit of substantial news. For now, this prediction has been fully respected. Gravina was and will remain in place, as is the Mancini with chips. Everyone is still on top of the European Championship long wave; Forgetting that for the first time in history, the national team that won more than one World Cup remained outside the most important FIFA event of all time.

value yes or value no? – There was a lot of talk about young people to be fired, about reforms and all the usual intrigue. I agree with Nicolo Scherra who spoke 24 hours ago on the issue of improvements in the third tier as something counterproductive (young players who make you money not good players playing), but it’s also true that removing them could mean giving the green light to clubs to use experience items Above all, who know their job and bring the result home with minimal problems. Given that the boss of money is the master here, ratings become a useful tool.

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The second difference? Let’s talk in the singular – Another problem I’ve heard taken up is linking the Serie A world once again with the world of the national team at stake, and that’s the second teams problem. Now, anyone who has had the patience to read these pages for some time knows that the site below isn’t a fan of this project, either for the methodologies used or for the costs involved (do a couple of researches on the old “DeMartino tournament”, right?), but it’s also true that it worked in other countries. So keep trying here too. But three years later, only one club joined, Juventus: he asks why does this cause hormonal imbalances in someone? I think so. There is also old lady It’s not that he doesn’t know what the phenomena are at the moment. Well, some players appeared in the first team like Aké, De Winter and Soulé, but anyway they are Franco Ivory, Belgian and Argentinian with Italian passport. They are not really children born in Viterbo, Lecco or Teramo.

Italy, the country of saints, poets and vicars – Do you want another scapegoat for the Italian crisis? Prosecution. Let me be clear. The sector should be replenished with stricter rules and made sure that they are respected, but is it crazy to blame agents who are nothing more than “representatives”, working every day to try to offer their product to the best buyer? The rules of trade are quite trivial: supply and demand. Stop. So doing a lot of philosophy doesn’t make sense.

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What about clubs? – Finally, the problem of clubs lending their members to the national team has returned with little willingness to be addressed. Sorry, but you who are reading this really long article, would you loan your best car to another driver (who knows little or nothing) to take on a race where there is also a real risk of the car in question crashing? There are millions upon millions of euros at stake and love for the country, like it or not, is falling.

Pause for a moment. But isn’t that the point? A narrow-minded that conquers everything and everyone? And that the Valley of Tears that followed the disaster is just a way to prove you’re part of the national folk festival tearing up Italian clothes? You just have to see that in another life I could have been an athletic director at the highest level. I might as well have started a second team…