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Canada: A ‘New Normal’ – L’Indro

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After a hectic period, Sino-Canadian relations are a stable oneNew nature‘. In September 2021, Washington withdrew the extradition request Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer, held in Canada and published the results. Immediately following this publication Two MichaelCanadians held in China for 34 months on false security charges But Rather than restoring the relationship once the crisis is over, It is It remains empty and the resulting vacuum is filled with cautious tension.

Provides a ‘new normal’ Prohibition Huawei and ZTE from Canadian 5G telecom network infrastructureA new ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy‘, Absence of Canadian warships and ministerial visits in the Taiwan Strait. Neither side is willing to push the agenda back in a more positive direction.

The election of US President Joe Biden and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have strengthened Canada’s enthusiasm to follow the United States’ example and become a major partner in the Western alliance.China is a shadow enemy, if not the real enemy.

Although the strategy4C‘(co-exist, compete, cooperate and challenge) make room for cooperation, There is no interest in pursuing it bilaterally and no attempt to initiate it multilaterally. Trade is assured because China is a major source of manufactured goods and Canada is a ready supplier of agricultural products and raw materials that are in short supply in China.. But not all Speeches A free trade agreement has now been relegated to the history books.

Canada is determined to play a role in the Indo-Pacific region And his adoption of the term from the older ‘Asia-Pacific’ is symbolic of his new alignment. But its military and security duties are limitedBound by Canada’s firm commitments to NATO and Ukraine, its cause has a significant domestic constituency in Canada beyond the moral and political sympathies it imposes.

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Sanctions on Russia conveniently allow Canada to divert its fossil-fuel hydrocarbon exports to Europe and assuage some criticism of continued oil sands exploitation.. China is no longer a preferred consumer or target investor in the Canadian energy sector, freeing Canada from the political dilemma of complicated relations with the United States. Approaching the US position led Canadian ships to accompany their counterparts in the US Navy as they travel through the Taiwan Strait.

Further China has made no secret of its displeasure with Canada. Beijing is guilty ofIt was buzzingCanadian flights house China’s ambassador to Canada over UN sanctions against North Korea For months and months.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is re-elected in September 2021. He mentioned in his mandate letter Melanie Jolie Foreign Minister, Trudeau tasked her with developing an Indo-Pacific strategy. On June 9, 2022, Jolie declared A An advisory board with members from the private sector and academia to advise you on strategy development. The announcement delays the delivery of the strategy with new firm commitments.

The composition of the advisory board reflects Ottawa’s priorities. Co-chairs include Prof Janice SteinA senior foreign analyst, former foreign minister Pierre Pettigrew and founder of G(irls)20 Farah Mohammed.

Committee members are mixed bipartisan, including former Prime Minister New Brunswick and Ambassador to the United States, Frank McKennaFormer Interim Leader of the Conservative Party Rhona Ambroseand former Ambassador to China and President of Rio Tinto, Dominic Barton. Other members include academics and members of the investment and finance community from China and Southeast Asia.

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The group avoids notable ‘China hawks’ and deftly includes those with interests in Southeast Asia. No team member or consultant is part of the safety and security community: A clear sign to avoid a security-based approach in the first place.

The Prime Minister and the External Affairs Minister clearly favor an Indo-Pacific policy Subtle, evading China’s ‘control’ by not seriously following through on the pledge. This agreement reflects Canada’s interests and commitments in terms of available resources. This also reflects A shift from a China-centric Asia policy to one with a diverse focus on multiple partnerships.

The ‘new nature’ of Canada’s relations with China and the Indo-Pacific goes in Canada’s Atlanticist direction as a Western ally with limited material commitments in Asia.. however, The development of the Indo-Pacific strategy does not imply a solid focus towards Asia in strategic terms.

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