October 4, 2023

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Date of publication of reviews revealed by Metacritic – Multiplayer.it

Date of publication of reviews revealed by Metacritic – Multiplayer.it

Metacritic Revealed when the reviews Callisto protocol: December 2, 2022, i.e. on the same day of release.

Specifically, Metacritic states that when reviews are posted it will be A few hours before the release of the game itselfeverything is calculated according to the Pacific time zone.

Information shared via profile Twitter Metacritic official, as you can see below.

We also brought you an article comparing Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol, in which we told you the following: “Overall, it cannot be denied that we are dealing with a duo of productions with very similar characteristics, trying to touch the same emotional strings of those who hold the board. Of course, it is probably difficult to establish the historical precedents in which two similar games appeared on the market with such a close temporal distance, but it is quite clear that in the coming months adventures set in space will invade us precisely because, along with those that brings gameplay to feudal Japan, titles users crave with this delicate setting.”

“Many points of connection and some differences are not very significant, in short, hoping that Dead Space Remake and The Callisto Protocol are not only generous to each other, but also solid survival experiences in sci-fi sauce.”

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