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Belgium, car against the crowd at La Louvière carnival: 6 dead. two arrests

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Brussels – A car crashed into the crowd attending a popular carnival-related demonstration this morning at 5 a.m. in Stripe Braques, in the village of La Louviere in Wallonia, in Belgium. You are confirmed dead so far. The two 30-year-olds were arrested in the car. According to Belgian newspaper reports, citing La Louvière mayor Jacques Gobert, the car ran away after hitting the crowd, but was later intercepted.

The victims are 6, according to what was reported by the Belgian radio Rtbf, citing the emergency unit set up by the municipality of La Louviere. But no kids, unlike the first website rebuilds progress. “On the other hand, there are 10 serious injuries, 10 slightly less serious, and 17 minor injuries,” the rescue manager explained. Claude Autin. He added that the concerned people “gather in the sports center to take over the psychological, medical and social cell responsibility.”

150-200 people were present at the scene in Strepy. “A disaster,” Mayor Joubert commented, interrupting the press conference several times. The car that crashed into the crowd crashed into that stage of the festivities called the “ramassage des Gilles,” the door-to-door set of carnival masks. Nothing has been leaked yet about the reasons for the driver’s steering. “The path of terrorism is not privileged”: this is what the judiciary came out with in a press conference.

The Belgian newspaper was the first to confirm his arrest D StandardThe news was later confirmed by Mayor Joubert during a press point. The mayor assumed it was a chase, as the two young men in the car fled the police. But the police would have denied it.

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“There is no evidence that this morning’s massacre is linked to a police chase. All roads are open, but there is no element to suggest a terrorist motive,” the authorities explained at a press conference. “We do not know their motives for the arrest in Louvier, aged 34 and 32, respectively. They are not known to justice. There will now be more investigative missions to be followed by an investigation. Nothing – the investigators concluded – can be confirmed. At the moment with regard to the Particularly with voluntary intention or otherwise such gesture.” The car was found hundreds of meters away.

The municipality has launched its own emergency plan. “We have made the municipal gym accessible to families, and the victim assistance service has been activated,” Joubert explained. The city of La Louviere had officially started the carnival period at the beginning of March after the relaxation of the rules related to the epidemic, with the passage of the yellow symbol. The Strépy-Bracquegnies Carnival was scheduled to begin on March 20 with the traditional Gilles gathering, where participants go from house to house, and run on March 21 and 22.

Carnival festivities, with parades of giant puppets and traditional masks, are very popular in this French-speaking region of Belgium, continuing even into the weeks following the dates of the actual carnival.
This year’s appointment was the first after Covid, and therefore was particularly awaited. The mayor called on the organizers of the Strèpy-Bracquegnies Carnival to boycott the festivities that will continue today.

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