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The sequel, Cliffhanger, is set in the American Rockies but mostly filmed In the Dolomites in South Tyrol From April to August 1992. Today is an action movie in which he was the protagonist Sylvester Stallonethe Italian-American star known for giving his face to Rambo and Rocky, will return to life thanks to the second chapter that will, once again, serve as its events. Alps in South Tyrol Thanks to the first round of funding with which the IDM Film Fund will support the production of the exciting film.

the group

A long-awaited return to a film that achieved excellent commercial success in 1993. With a total of more than $255 million Compared to the $70 it spent to produce it, it received three Academy Award nominations. Among other things, the scenes filmed in Cortina are famous. “Cliffhanger 2” therefore returns to the Alto Adige directed by Jean-François Richer and is one of eleven cinematic projects approved for financing: among them a TV series, two short films, four documentaries and two docu-series. Seven productions come from Italy, three from Germany and one from Austria. all in all 24 days of filming have already been planned in the province of Bolzano, and the “Alto Adige effect”, i.e. revenues generated in the region, are expected to exceed more than 3.1 million euros.


“In recent years, Alto Adige has increasingly become the stage for successful Hollywood productions and Netflix projects: just think of “Everest” with Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley and Josh Brolin, and “Heart of Stone” with Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan and Mathias. Schweigöfer or “My Name is Revenge” with Alessandro Gassmann and Ginevra Francesconi – Vera Leonardelli narrates, Business Development Manager at Idm -. Thanks to the visibility gained through film financing, Alto Adige has been able to establish itself as an interesting location in the minds of local professionals. A project like 'Cliffhanger 2', backed by IDM, is no longer a fluke.”

Sequel: The Conspiracy

In the Thriller sequel, the protagonist is expert mountaineer Gabe Walker, who has settled in the Dolomites, where he runs an exclusive refuge with his daughter Sydney. When the two accompany the son of a billionaire guest for an adventurous weekend in a remote valley, they fall into the clutches of a ruthless gang of kidnappers. Naomi, Gabe's youngest daughter, still traumatized from a tragic climbing accident, witnesses the kidnapping and manages to escape. To save her family, Naomi must overcome her fears He faces a life-and-death struggle in the Italian Dolomites: an area that, fortunately, he knows well and knows how to navigate. The action film, written by Mark Bianculli, is a co-production between Austria, Germany and England and will see the crew involved in at least five days of filming in Alto Adige.

Other movies

Also returns to South Tyrol”Woodwalkers 2“Directed by Sven Unterwaldt, it is the second part of the film trilogy based on the series of novels by Katja Brands. The documentaries “Kampf gegen die 'Ndrangheta” by Stefano Strucci and “Headshots – Anja Niedringhaus, Fotografin” by Sonia Winterberg are also supported. In production by Sonia Winterberg. Idm: The first tells the story of the European struggle against the 'Ndrangheta, and the second depicts the life of the courageous, award-winning photojournalist Anja Niedringhaus, ten years after the attack in Afghanistan in which she fell victim. The four documentaries Ötzi – The Iceman, a film directed by Yuri Masaru, which was financed in pre-production, features an archaeological team engaging in an unprecedented experiment, 5,000 years after the mysterious death of the Similaun Man, to discover the secret of the last hours of life. From the snowman.


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