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The prestigious “Premio Campiello” hotel stops in Gallipoli

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Culture – July 07, 2024

Gallipoli is the only city in the province of Lecce. Participate in the summer tour. Monday July 8, 8:30 p.m., at Tellini Square

The prestigious “Premio Campiello” hotel stops in Gallipoli. On Monday 8 July 2024, the finalists will meet the Salento public in Piazza Tellini. The aim of the event: to promote culture and reading in line with the work carried out by the Culture Department of the organization. Once again, the mission carried by the Gallipoli Municipal Administration, led by Mayor Stefano Minerva, is to promote the region, also through cultural initiatives.

The Campello Prize, a historical literary event founded in 1962 by Confindustria Veneto which each year highlights interesting facts inserted in the context of the narrative, among the finalists are: Antonio Franchini with “The fire you carry inside” (Marcilio), Federica Manzon with “Alma” (Giangiacomo Feltrinelli), Michele Mari with “Locus Desperatus” (editor Giulio Einaudi), Fanny Santoni with “Dilagaeverywhere” (Laterza), Emanuele Trevi with “La casa del Mago” (Ponte alle Grazie). The five finalists are recognized (in the picture) will participate in a literary tour in various Italian locations including Cortina, Milan, Turin and Udine, at the end of which, on Saturday 21 September, the winner will be announced at the “Gran Teatro La Fenice”.

“We continue to follow the path of cultural policy – underlines Mayor Minerva – through initiatives aimed at promoting culture in all its aspects. For Gallipoli, it is a great honour to bring, for the second time, the prestigious Campello Prize to the city’s main square. The meeting with the finalists, which includes prestigious names from the Italian literary scene, represents an important opportunity for the public to compare and make Gallipoli an important cultural centre”.

The meeting in the square, moderated by Margherita Macri, will be attended by Federica Manzon, Antonio Franchini and Fanny Santoni. Admission is free.

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