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Superstar Robin Williams is remembered with these words: “The saddest person I’ve ever met.”

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In his new memoirs entitled Have I told you this before? And released on March 21, the 75-year-old actor Sam Neill He fondly remembers the moments spent with him Robin Williams on set Bicentennial Manin 1999.

In the respective clips, the interpreter outlined their conversations “amazing”, he tells that during filming he used to spend most of his time with his colleague, talking about practically everything: from future projects to personal life. Robin Williams, described by Neil “Irresistibly funny, outrageously funny, irrepressible, excruciatingly funny”was always able to make him laugh.

However, despite the apparent happiness, according to Neil, it was always possible to sense that something was wrong with his friend. Not surprisingly, the actor described Williams as “The saddest person I’ve ever met”although he had everything one could want in life.

“He had fame, he was rich and people all over the world loved him. Still, I felt more sorry for him than I can express. He was the loneliest man that ever lived on Lonely Planet. He seemed unbearably lonely and depressed.”

According to Neil, Williams used to use humor to escape his condition, and to hide his sadness in some form. However, when friends were around him and we ended up laughing together, according to the actor his happiness was truly genuine.

We remember that Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014 at the age of 63, having taken his own life. His disappearance deeply affected Sam Neill, as well as all the friends and other people who knew him, accustomed to confronting the mask the actor uses to hide his true state of mind.

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