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Space to luxuriate at the Christmas party at Palazzo delle Esposizioni

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A festively decorated greenhouse, among lights and colours birthday Coming, whose spirit filled the space above Exhibition PalaceIt originated the birthday party of Daniele Battisti, a young Romanian real estate developer who welcomed guests with live music and DJ sets. Bubbles and gourmet panettone with Christmas flavor for a party with a ‘luxury’ theme, just like the estate managed by Battisti who took his first steps into public real estate at the age of twenty, to specialize in the luxury sector. A trend that does not know a crisis, as he points out: “Beautiful homes express a family history to the fullest, and it cannot be denied that this sector was not affected by the crisis that followed global events” – as the entrepreneur says – “One thing, however, changed after Covid, I understood The value of the word “home”, and the choice of places where there is an open space, in which one lives his life and work, after the experience of working remotely due to the epidemic.

In the background djset by Sonia Rondini, alternating with the musical atmosphere of the Beatles anniversary of The Beatbox who, between ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘Love me do’, enchanted the audience with The Beatles. Many guests attended Battisti’s party, from actress Francesca Reggiani fresh from her recent theatrical success, to young Italian-Argentinian actor Roberto Oliveri, who soon appeared on Mediaset in the film with Massimo Ranieri after experimenting with Paolo Sorrentino. Stefano Macchi and Elisa d’Ospina arrive more in love than ever, happy with the sweet anticipation blessed by Pope Francis. Soon after, the reporter Giuseppe De Tomaso, still on crutches due to the injury sustained when little Nicola was found in Mugello, who disappeared last summer and was found by the journalist in “La Vita in Diretta” was found. During the evening, actor Marco Asetti also arrived with his partner Angela Cardarelli, followed by actress Grazia Schiavo, new from the group in a comedy in which she’ll be so bad.

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