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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Stray are the most awaited games of July 2022

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Two somewhat different options appear in the most anticipated game election for July, but both Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Stray are on top.

We enter the height of summer with an election Most anticipated games in July 2022which in this case led to a somewhat different result in terms of taste: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 And the stray They are the winners, respectively, of the poll released to readers and the winner from within the editorial staff.

It’s July that doesn’t introduce many new features, but the few planned that are certainly important and interesting: we find ourselves in a good variety of indies but also one of those absolutely significant releases that are the pivotal elements in the course of every year. In this case, we are obviously talking about Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which is set to represent one of the most important titles for the Nintendo Switch and the video game market in general, in 2022.

It’s also strange that Nintendo decided to put the game in a month that’s usually bad for high-weight versions, however, anticipate a release date compared to when initially expected, in a really unique situation that’s rare in the current video game market. It’s also indicative of the extreme health of the Nintendo Switch and its lineup, as the Kyoto house finds itself anticipating one of this year’s major releases as well to make way for other games at a later date. In any case, despite it being a month usually dedicated to the holidays, there will definitely be something to play in July 2022, and the different preferences expressed really illustrate the atmosphere and genres we will have to deal with.

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Most awaited by the editorial board

Stray, a picture of the game

internal vote for editorial board It sparked a fierce competition between the two most anticipated game of the month overall which then came in at number one and second by a narrow margin, but the most anticipated game of July 2022 eventually turned out to be Stray. A promising new indie game produced by the brainchild of Annapurna Interactive, BlueTwelve Studio is a bizarre adventure centered on a cat, who must find his way home within a hostile cyberpunk city inhabited by androids. His research led him to explore very different environments and engage with strange NPCs and different situations, between action and adventure, to discover an ‘Ancient Mystery’. It’s grabbed everyone’s attention since the premiere, now it’s time to establish the facts, but it definitely stands out as one of the most anticipated titles of this summer.

Obviously, the runner-up, at a minimum, is Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which has been confirmed as one of the most anticipated games of all time this year, being the sequel to the now-famous series. For the occasion, Monolith seems to have gone above and beyond, offering an extensive storyline and a decidedly diverse cast. In third place is another title of this summer’s most interesting indie game, As Dusk Falls: First Indoor/Night Action, a team also made up of several Ex-Quantic Dream, is a narrative adventure based on choices. , which can lead to significant story differences and multiple endings in a true “interactive drama”. Away from the platform, but at a great distance from the first three, we finally find Live a Live, a remake of the Japanese monolithic RPG originally released on Super Famicom, reconstructed with “2D-HD” graphics.

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Most awaited by readers

The vote Posted on Readers, in which the most anticipated game of July 2022 turned out to be Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It is clear that the Monolith series depends on a large number of fans among the users of the site, so the result is not really surprising, besides being one of the most awaited games of the year . In addition to offering the usual and wonderful open environments, which are now a classic feature of the series, the third chapter also stands out for having a rich cast of 6 characters who all seem to be very comprehensive throughout the story. Persecuted as “monsters” by the nations from which they came because of their special abilities, they give life to a kind of large-scale choral tale. Among the most interesting innovations in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, there is also a new combat system that uses the ability of Ouroboros, a type of transformation capable of making boys highly dangerous war entities.

In second place, a short distance from the first rating, we find Stray, which has been confirmed as one of the most awaited games also by the site’s readers. The special cyberpunk cat game has approached the number one spot, indicative of the expectations placed in this bizarre title that seems to have wowed everyone in recent months, thanks to its atmosphere and the indisputable charisma of the protagonist. In third place, after 20% went to the “None” option, he then placed As Dusk Falls, emphasizing heavily on the podium also seen in the editorial vote even if the top two places are reversed. Thus, these are the three most anticipated titles of July 2022 for both the editorial staff and readers, to show a certain unit of expectation in regards to the games that will be released next month.

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