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NASA recruits 24 theologians to study extraterrestrial beings

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The alarming request from NASA for twenty-four priests and clergymen to investigate a topic that is certainly not ordinary, but one that has been on humanity for decades now.

In fact, it seems for some time that there may be a new revelation soon on the subject, which is why the space agency decided to contact religious figures to investigate some specific aspects.

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The news was revealed by the Daily Mail, according to what it said It is alleged that the US space agency funded a project no less in the nature of theology at Princeton University, New Jersey, and specifically within the CTI (Center for Theological Inquiry).

The NASA project, which includes religious scholars and clergymen

NASA since 2014 CTI has been entrusted with more than a million dollars In order to carry out this very special project: essay writer service with native authors to understand how people around the world would react if alien life was announced on other planets. Or how humanity takes the news of the existence of extraterrestrials spread.

It was he who explained, from his Facebook profile and through an interview with DailyMail, what this project is, which is no longer top secret. “The different religions of the planet can make a great contribution In terms of understanding the possibility of discovering alien life on other planets,” explained British Protestant pastor Andrew Davison, breaking the news with his Facebook post.

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The NASA project aims to assess the “potential social implications of astrobiology,” and according to Davison, the faith makes a fundamental contribution to understanding and explaining the existence of alien life. In any case, it seems that even NASA itself has come to the conclusion that the challenge of discovering extraterrestrial living entities involves A question that is not only scientific, but also spiritual in a sense.

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Questions asked by NASA and those rather than theologians

For years, there was a group of European Catholics who formed a project called ALTRO (“Otros mundos, Tierra, Humanidad y Espacio Remoto – Other Worlds, Earth, Humanity and Far Space), led by Jesuit astronomer and former director of the Vatican Observatory José Gabriel Funes. On any However, the questions theologians interviewed by NASA have been invited to answer are: What is life What does it mean to be alive? What is the boundary between man and extraterrestrial?

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The answers should ensure that any discovery of extraterrestrial life forms in the context of future space missions, in particular Mars, does not represent a kind of shock to humanity. For their part, the question of theologians is what God has in store for humanity, And what could be the “intergalactic communication” between us and alien life forms.

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