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Spazio Antonioni in Ferrara, a “unique environment in Italy” ready in 2024

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Ferrara – an original “projector” to be born – by the spring of 2024 – in the name of art and heritage Oscar-winning director of Ferrara Michelangelo Antonioni, With movable walls and pavilions, one part dedicated to projections, one part to the 47,000 documents of the Fund donated by the director and his wife, Enrica Fico, to the municipality of Ferrara, and one for temporary exhibitions that will rotate in continuous relationship with the other arts that inspired Antonioni and the authors with whom he was in contact.

These are, in short, the elements of the Spazio Antonioni project, del worth 1.7 million (Financed by the municipality) which will be approved in a few days, marking a new step in the process that in less than two years will lead to a complete redevelopment of the buildings of the current Pavilion of Contemporary Art (PAC) on Corso Porta Mare, 5 years old, in Ferrara.

“Commissioner Marco Giulelli expects that it will be an environment unique in Italy, unparalleled in our country, Dedicated entirely to Antonioni’s cinematic and artistic themewith cultural stimuli ranging from drawing and photography, flexibility of presentation and an international scope.” Gulinelli explains that for the duration of the works, expected from January 2023, CAP will remain closed. In addition, after 2024, other innovations can be added a few steps away from the new Spazio Antonioni : “It is in fact the subject of careful assessment – Guellie predicts – the possibility of future recovery, after identifying a new and larger space reserved for Civic Art Collections, the building on the left, in Buck, a space currently designated to temporarily house the deposits of modern and contemporary art galleries. In this way it will be possible to create a new prestigious exhibition space dedicated to exhibitions.”

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The project of Spazio Antonioni – which, as Golinelli predicts, will soon be presented to the public during a public meeting – bears the signature Team composed by studio Alvisi-Kirimoto, by the Ates firm and municipal architect Rossella Bizzi. The only person responsible for the procedure is the municipal engineer, Paolo Rebicci. The promoters of the initiative, together with the municipal administration, the president of Ferrara Arte, Vittorio Sgarbi and Enrica Fico. The curator is Dominique Payne, former director of Cinémathèque française.

The new Spazio Antonioni – based on the project to be approved soon – will be accessed from the ground floor of the Pac, through the reception room. From here, the public can enter internal roads Visit all sections of the new space. On the ground floor there is a space with display walls and display cases, which will display memorabilia, works, documents and photos. On the first floor there will be very flexible spaces, with panels that are adjustable and can be positioned differently, so you can select different formats: workshop rooms, large event space, exhibition room, other exhibition areas.

on the two floors Blackout and sound curtains They will separate the show rooms.
Spazio Antonioni would be “an elegant home, full of beautiful things, but without walls, one can live outside, outside walls, outside oneself, to face the unexpected, what has not yet happened in our lives. A small world that attracts knowledge and knowledge of beauty,” said Enrica Fico.

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