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65,000 salmon died in Canada due to drought. Stuck in a dry stream. Video

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Due to the lack of rain affecting British Columbia, the fish usually began to move up the creek when they found themselves in a waterless bed. Video

Roughly 65 thousand Salmon fish The dead were found in a stream bed British ColumbiaIn Canada. Those fish are the latest victims Drought.

A problem that has resurfaced in Europe (at least for now), but not in North America, where some Canadian provinces are dealing with it.An unprecedented emergency.

Salmon, which usually wait for rain as a signal to move into streams and rivers, this time paid for the lack of rain. About ten days ago a light afternoon shower stimulated the fish Begin their reproductive journey But minutes later, the rain stopped, leaving the stream dry for most of its course, leaving thousands of salmon stranded.

These types of events are, unfortunately, becoming more and more frequent. A International research proved that Climate crisis caused drought 20 times more. Prior to the onset of anthropogenic climate-changing activities, drought events such as the Progress occurred about every 4 centuries. With global warming and worsening climate crisis we should expect droughts Every few years.

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