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The G7 is towards a turning point against Russia, and new measures to support Ukraine

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the G7 in Italy It should represent a “turning point” against Russia. With the War in Ukraine Which still witnesses Moscow’s control over Kiev at the military level, the event that opens on June 13 in Puglia “represents the appropriate opportunity to further tighten the economic grip and intervene in matters.” Previously frozen assetsTo be used in support of Zelensky, and with explicit and more effective oversight of the collusion that continues to support the Russian economy, starting with Friendly banks Which is not only Chinese,” a reliable source tells Adnkronos.

This confirms the rumors that have emerged so far from the United States, but adds an element that may be decisive. American pressure in the intense communications preparing for the summit would also have found consensus in Europe, after the elections had just ended. “Situations France and Germany They seem to be getting closer to each other, as Macron and Schulz face difficulties at the domestic level, and it is possible that they will find harmony in the international strategy. And theItaly It has every interest in hosting the G7, which can be remembered for its unprecedented stance,” says the same source.

There are two other concrete hypotheses for intervention. As the White House expected, proceeds from frozen assets in Russia, which could be used to secure a large loan to support Kiev, are on the table. But the problem lies in understanding how to make the option effective within a reasonable period of time, which should include the direct participation of Brussels, in a transitional phase of the European institutions.

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The other plan concerns decisive intervention to stop the support reaching Moscow from credit institutions. They are in the crosshairs, first and foremost Chinese banks But operations that at least some European and American banks and their Russian counterparts consider non-transparent will also be under surveillance. (Written by Fabio Enzinga)

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