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Air Canada orders 15 more A220s for a total of 60 aircraft – Italiavola & Travel

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Air Canada has confirmed an order for another 15 A220-300 aircraft, bringing the Canadian flag carrier’s total order to 45 to 60 initial aircraft. The airline started its A220 service in January 2020 and currently operates 30 A220 aircraft on transcontinental routes in Canada and the US and Latin America.

“The A220 has become a key component in Air Canada’s fleet modernization thanks to its performance and passenger comfort. Our customers really appreciate the benefits of the A220’s quiet cabin, large overhead bins and comfortable seats. “The A220 is the right aircraft for our North American network because of its economy and its fuel efficiency,” said Canadian Senior Vice President, Network Planning and Revenue Management.

“We are proud that Air Canada is returning to more A220 aircraft. It demonstrates the value the aircraft brings and we are proud to offer our customers greater flexibility, better economy and true passenger appeal,” said Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and International Head. “With more than 30 aircraft already in service with the airline, the A220 has positioned itself as a capable trailblazer as well as a key player, strengthening the continental carrier’s network and meeting Air Canada’s ambitious decarbonization goals. Thanks to Air Canada’s continued trust in Airbus.”

Air Canada operates more than 125 Airbus aircraft, including 78 A320 family aircraft, 16 A330 family aircraft and 31 A220-300 aircraft. Air Canada also has a direct order for 10 XLR A321s. The airline took delivery of its first Airbus A220-300 in December 2019 and was the first airline to operate the model in North America. Born from clean design, the A220 is the only aircraft developed specifically for the 100-150 seat market, combining innovative design features, sophisticated aerodynamics and Pratt & Whitney’s latest generation GTF ™ engines.

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Delivering 25% lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per seat than previous generation aircraft, as well as approximately 50% lower NOx emissions than industry standards, the A220 is the most environmentally friendly aircraft – efficient in its segment. With 20% more overhead storage space per passenger, wider seats and the largest windows in its class, the A220 also offers passengers unparalleled comfort.

To date, more than 220 A220 aircraft have been delivered to 16 airlines operating on four continents and connecting more than 70 million people worldwide. The fleet currently flies over 800 routes and 325 destinations worldwide, making it a proven choice for airlines to efficiently connect passengers on regional and long-haul routes.

By the end of September 2022, more than 25 customers have ordered 770 A220 aircraft, confirming its strong position in the small single-aisle market.

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