Home science At the Genoa Science Festival there is a permanent laboratory for Italian processed meat

At the Genoa Science Festival there is a permanent laboratory for Italian processed meat

At the Genoa Science Festival there is a permanent laboratory for Italian processed meat

Until November 1, Italy’s Salami Valorisation Institute participates in the Genoa Science Festival with “Do you speak salumese”, a permanent laboratory for discovering the wonderful world of Italian delicacies, from the oldest history to the latest technology, there is no Italian region that does not have the typical cured meats.

Institute Fifth.Italian Salami Authorization (IVSI) to share to me Science Festival GenoaSince 2003 an international reference event for the dissemination of scientific culture – Permanent workshop entitled Do you speak salumi?in the Piazza delle Feste, the old port area of ​​Genoa.

The partnership between IVSI and the festival has been going on for more than 15 years and is renewed each time with new training experiences. In this edition, dedicated to LanguagesThe institute wanted to test the knowledge of people of all ages about cured meat: very ancient foods, dating back to the time of the Etruscans. Products of the history of our country, the roots of which go back to the culture of the regions that are an expression of it and which well convey the great diversity that our country is proud of in terms of agricultural food production. Suffice it to say that no Italian region does not have its own traditional cured meat, with as many as 666 different types of cured meats (of which only 91 are in Lombardy, the Queen’s region), using pork as the main ingredient.

Are you talking salumi?“, this is the title of the laboratory born from the collaboration with IVSI, which wants to lead the participant to discover this world, to know how these processes have changed over time, giving life to delicious Italian cuisine. The smells, shapes and colors that characterize these products, confronted with the help of animators The scholars of the festival, and thus accompany visitors on a unique journey between taste and discovery, to get to know more deeply the words and feelings of a sector full of history and productive wisdom.

The structure of the laboratory is very simple. We started with the content of cured meats, and studied what was inside through the senses, especially the sense of smell. After hearing different smells and fragrances, from salt to hot pepper, we move on to the final tasting where participants will rediscover the sensation they experienced through their sense of smell before.

With the help of a plotted plot of the pig, a kind of “pig map”, the participants are asked about the origin of the processed meat, to see if they know from which side of the animal the different products – such as lard, pork, pancetta or capocollo – are obtained; We then turn to their geographical origin, to the discovery of regions of origin, where differences in production are highlighted“I have announced Emmanuel Bargilievent organizer and sponsor relations.

The Italian Salami Valorisation Institute has been participating in the Science Festival for more than 15 years. It is a great honor for the Institute to exist in such a qualified and global context, where there is the possibility to deal with the scientific aspects of products closely related to tradition. In recent years, through our initiatives, we have contributed to the dissemination of knowledge of the typical characteristics of Italian processed meat and the territory to which it belongs, especially among the younger public.“I have announced Monica Malavasidirector of IVSI.

The presence of the institute ends in November 1st with an event scheduled at 6pm In the eastern market of Genoa, which witnesses participation Giovanni BallariniAnd the Professor Emeritus at the University of Parma And a deep connoisseur of these products: he will be given the task of telling their origins, history and traditions.

The final match will then follow: a test With questions that seem simple, but are often difficult for many, such as, for example, ” raw pork Obtained from front thighs or butt Who is the pig? Previous experiences have revealed many surprises, which indicates how little information is available on these products

after the game will follow Aperitifwhile tasting different types of cured meats, including raw porkThe cooked porkThe mortadella and the chops.

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Italian Charcuterie Promotion Institute It is a voluntary, not-for-profit association, founded in 1985 to spread knowledge of the productive, economic, nutritional and cultural aspects of processed meat by promoting a unique food heritage in the world. Several initiatives have been implemented by IVSI in Italy: market research, product analysis, seminars, tastings, events, publications. Many promotional programs have been developed abroad: Germany, France, England, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. In 2005 IVSI created the concept of SalumiAmo®, a new way of understanding an aperitif that becomes a sensory and cultural experience. In addition to the exhilarating moment, in fact, the information about Italian salted meat is central, and therefore savored in a pleasant and attentive way. The Italian Salami Valorization Institute has also created the IVSI Manifesto which brings together the specific values ​​of processed meat manufacturers, which are summarized in: History and Tradition, Information and Culture, Quality and Sustainability, Connection with the Territory, Italian Way of Life, Team Game and Future Orientation. Seven values ​​testify to the commitment of companies to the benefit of consumers.

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