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special from TG5, which will be broadcast on Sunday, December 19. There is no point in denying it, an exclusive world. Nice title:Francis and the Invisible – The Pope Meets the OtherIn short, the Pope will answer the questions of four people who have lost everything and want to make up for themselves. Tgcom24, in previews, states that the broadcast will be edited by Fabio Marches Raguna.

A real bomb arrives a year after the released interview Pope Francis always to Tg5. Meeting place: Santa Marta, the pope’s home, appointment for Sunday, December 19, 8.40 p.m. The special will also be broadcast simultaneously on Tgcom24.

Let’s get into the details. Mediaset announces that Giovanna will be there,ā€A woman victim of domestic violenceWho was unemployed and homeless during the epidemicā€: This is a Tgcom24 ad. Then Maria, a homeless person who has lived for years on the street in the cold in winter and in the hot summer. On the other hand, Pierdonato is a life sentence: he has lived in prison for 25 yearsBut he repented and understood his mistakes thanks to faith. Maristella is 18 years old. She is a scout and represents boys.

Mediaset cameras are traveling the path of faith and hope. It’s an exclusive world that will make the rounds for all TV sets. It would be a good time too To think: thoughts of all kinds before Christmas. Pope Francis gives himself to the public by moving everyone. An unmissable appointment. to follow. A lot of emotion and a lot of inspiration in the words of the Pope.

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