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It was never found

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Arctic ground squirrel –

The Ice Age squirrel has been found: the well-known cartoon character really exists and is completely different from what we know.

If we talk aboutice AgeIt is almost impossible not to think of the movie cartoons that have won the hearts of children and adults alike. The character Scrat plays an important role in the movie, as it does in real life. The squirrel of that era remains today Subject of great interest For science’s sake, given that it’s one of the few animal species that managed to survive a complex historical period.

In fact, the appearance arctic ground squirrel, Very different from the common ones. Had to prove it A very precious find in the Yukon. It is found near gold deposits A 30,000-year-old mummified squirrel. The discovery dates back to a few years ago, but it was only recently made public.

The squirrel appears in a squatting position and at first glance it was not easy to understand what it is. The specimen is wrinkled due to the hair and skin covering it, but it has clear claws and the tail and ears can be seen.

Quite accidental discovery leaving the researchers stunned, Stunned by the discovery, he saw in front of him an optimally preserved specimen, despite the years he had spent underground. Researchers consider this discovery very important. The animal has some really strange characteristics, which it could represent search hack.

The amazing find

Squirrels are some of the most interesting species to study, unlike other animals such as mammoths and swordtails, They managed to survive the ice age. These mammals are a real asset to research. The animal is in excellent condition, and is an essential component of the studies.

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Arctic ground squirrel, X-ray -
Arctic ground squirrel, x-ray –

Unlike the older species, the chipmunk has a high amount of calcium in its bones, a mineral that allows this X ray more details.

The hygienic conditions are perfect, so much so that it was initially thought that he died during hibernation, but after some research, the hypothesis was rejected. According to the researchers, the mammals were in a squat position precisely because of their mortality. It’s supposed to be little squirrel In the first year of hibernation, but research continues to confirm the hypothesis. Due to the rarity of the find, the arctic squirrel will be shown in Canada, where it will be possible to admire it.

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