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Many people were without internet in Canada on Friday

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In most parts of Canada, there were problems Friday as several services from Rogers Communications, one of the country’s largest Internet and mobile phone providers, were disrupted. other things, There are problems With automatic withdrawals from banks, emergency numbers and many other public services. According to the independent watchdog Net blocks, a quarter of all internet connections in the country stopped working on Friday. It is currently unclear what caused the service interruption, but things seem to be working.

Rogers Communications is a publicly traded telecommunications company headquartered in Toronto. It was founded in 1925 as the Rogers Vacuum Tube Company and has grown tremendously over the years in many areas: among other things, it provides mobile phone services to more than 10 million Canadians and is one of the country’s leading Internet providers. About the Ontario region.

Tony Stafiri, President and CEO of Rogers Communications, said in a statement posted on the company’s website He wrote: «Today we cheated you, we can do better, we will do it». However, he said he could not provide information on when the issues would be fully resolved and offered no explanation as to their cause. Although as big as the problems that Rogers Communication already had in March 2021.

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