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LG, Smart TVs with Highest Discounts on Amazon: Which to Buy

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LG has always been considered one of the best (if not the best) manufacturers in the world. Smart TV. The Korean brand’s luminaires feature a high-end and elegant design, excellent visual experience (with OLED panels and 4K LED panels) and reliability. Thank you webOS own platformUsers can access smart features and apps of all kinds (like Alexa support, for example).

So, when you find one LG Smart TV on display It is better to take advantage of it right away: in fact, you will be sure to purchase a high-quality device at a very attractive price. This is the case with models 5oUP75006LF And the 55UP75006LF50″ and 55″ Smart TVs are among the best Amazon deals today. Featuring an excellent quality/price ratio, it guarantees an uncompromising visual experience, access to AI features developed by LG engineers and a stylish design that is able to adapt perfectly to any home environment.

LG Smart TVs aren’t the best deals on Amazon today. Thanks for the technology advances” And the “Offers“You will be able to discover the best promotions on high-tech devices (such as smartphones, smart TVs, smart watches, computers, tablets and much more) and household products (such as detergents, furniture, miscellaneous appliances, food) in real time. To receive daily notifications about the most exciting discounts, Click on the links below and follow the guided procedure:

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LG Smart TV 5oUP75006LF and 55UP75006LF, Features and Functions

belongs to the same series, LG Smart TV 5oUP75006LF & 55UP75006LF They differ only in the size of the 4K UHD LED panel (resolution 3820 x 2160 pixels): the first is 50 inches, the second is 55 inches. For the rest, there are no differences in technical characteristics or in smart functions.

The “beating heart” of the two models is Quad Core 4K Processor It was developed by Korean engineers. The SoC, capable of processing complex artificial intelligence algorithms, guarantees an unparalleled visual experience: it eliminates noise in videos and allows you to watch them Vivid and true color tones. Technologies Real 4K UHD And the Active HDR They guarantee better visual results: Low-resolution videos will be optimized for maximum definition playback, while colors and contrast will be optimized depending on the program you’re watching.

Various display modes (such as movie mode and Sports Mode) allows you to automatically adjust values ​​based on what we’re watching on TV. This way we will be able, for example, to watch movies and TV series as imagined by the director, with “smooth motion” automatically disabled. DVB-T2 compliant And the 2022 closure: it will be possible to watch all the favorite digital terrestrial channels without any problems at all.

In terms of smart features, then, the two TVs don’t have much to envy even for high-end devices. thanks for the LG AI ThinQ It will be possible to manage the TV with simple voice commands by exploiting the capabilities of the main artificial intelligence assistants on the market (they are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant). In addition, it will be possible to control other smart devices in the house through the TV, turning them on or off directly from the remote control. there webOS platformupdated to version 6. o , offers a very wide catalog of applications of all kinds.

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LG Smart TV 5oUP75006LF and 55UP75006LF on Amazon: Discount

If you’re still hesitant about buying one of the two LG Smart TV models described above, the discounts offered by Amazon can probably help clear your thoughts. The LG 50UP7500LF is Reduced by 34% and costs €359.99 (€200 less than the list price); LG 55UP75006LF is Reduced by 38% and costs €399.99 (In this case the savings rise to 250 euros compared to the list price).

Also, both devices can be Bought in installments without interest With Cofidis’ “Buy Now and Pay in Installments” service, which allows you to defer payments over 5, 12 or 24 months.

LG 50UP75006LF 50 Inch Smart TV With 4K UHD LED Panel, Alexa Compatible

LG 50UP75006LF 50 Inch Smart TV With 4K UHD LED Panel, Alexa Compatible

LG 55UP75006LF 55 Inch Smart TV With 4K UHD LED Panel, Alexa Compatible

LG 55UP75006LF 55 Inch Smart TV With 4K UHD LED Panel, Alexa Compatible

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