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Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch athlete will be envied by Thor! [FOTO]

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There are characters, especially from the cinema, from whom you can expect that at some point in the film they will show a sculpted physique while remaining topless: in the Marvel universe, Captain America D.Chris Evans and the Thor by Chris Hemsworth They are undoubtedly the first names that come to mind, but another superstar is ready to compete. And let’s face it, frankly it’s a surprise: let’s talk about it Benedict Cumberbatch, a beloved actor but never directly associated with the stereotype of the handsome, all-muscular and half-naked actor.

still translated Dr. Gharib He would definitely be showing off! An image circulating on the net in these hours – but with no indication of when it was taken – shows a black and white shot of the star’s training with the MCU star along with the last photo. Spider-Man: There is no room for home and next The multiverse of madness.

Cumberbatch has very little to envy about the most famous and viral people Screenshots from Chris Hemsworth: Fat mass close to zero, defining the chest, shoulders, thigh and abdomen should be left with the mouth open. For Stephen Strange’s part, there are no scenes that can improve the figures, but for example in dog power From Jane CampionThe movie he was nominated for sag Awards – Fans were able to admire them in a nude scene.

Here is a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch (You must be logged in to see it)

On the multiverse front, the latest images circulating from the Marvel movie have shown a hint of the fact that the new heroine America Chavez Can be an outspoken character LGBTQ +. However, the future of the MCU could look further than that Former Supreme Wizard: A new hero who has already appeared for the first time in recent months can actually appear Much stronger than him and quickly take the podium.

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In the meantime we will see him again from May 3, 2022 In the gyms – including muscles.

Photo: Marvel Studios

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