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Alfa Romeo Giulia: Quadrifoglio electric motor will have 1,000 horsepower

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better wheel – Fans of Alfa Romeo sedans with internal combustion engines are better off taking the current car Alfa Romeo Giulia (which has just been restyled, here Read more), because next generationwhich should reach the end 2025you will be alone electrical. The confirmation comes directly from Alfa’s CEO, Jean-Philippe Imbrato, on the occasion of an interview with the English magazine. a truck.

Horses will not be missing – the French director goes further, revealing that version Four leaf clover An electric Alfa Romeo Giulia would have it 1000 horse powerwhile the stock issues will be launched from 345 hp From the entrance till 700 hp from Veloce. The Quadrifoglio will have all-wheel drive and can have a powertrain configuration similar to that of the Granturismo Folgore, which uses three electric motors (one on the front axle and two on the rear axle) with torque vectoring function.

> In the pictures on this page, there is an explanation forAlfa Romeo Giulia The next generation full of original ideas sugar design.

Excellent autonomy – Imparato announces that the autonomy of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, is guaranteed by a 100 kWh batteryit will be from About 700 km, so that the Vesti see it for all intents and purposes as a substitute for the current objective. It will be based on the new STLA platform of the Stellantis group, which allows the installation of batteries of various sizes. The manager confirms an 800-volt electrical architecture, which means a classic “boost” from 10 to 80% can be completed in 18 minutes using high-power poles. From a design point of view, the new Giulia will be a “real” Alfa car, and as such draws on the stylistic DNA of the Alfa Romeo car.

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Next small step – Autocar update also learned on Alfa’s future plans, revealed in 2024 there Small SUV from part B, which would have a Electric version. It can be called Brennero and it will be developed on the same platform as the Jeep Avenger. Sharing the mechanics with the latter, it will likely also be offered with the mild hybrid petrol engine.

One car per year – In the year 2025 the turn of Electric Julia should follow 2026 from StelvioAlso, electric 2027 One must come Sedan battery operated Larger, similar to the Porsche Taycan or Tesla Model S, the latter model will be a key factor in making the brand competitive in the United States and China. Alfa Romeo expects to have a range of all-electric models by 2027.

money there Imparato reiterated that electrification is a priority and essential for Alfa Romeo Survival Itself from the brand. The director stated that funding for the development of this model portfolio has already been allocated by Stellantis management.

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