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The Deadpool & Wolverine director tells how the film radically changed with Hugh Jackman on board

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The final version of Deadpool & Wolverine is credited to Hugh Jackman, as revealed by director Shawn Levy.

Hugh Jackman It radically changed the idea behind it Deadpool Wolverine. And he was the one who said more Ryan Reynolds With support from the director Shawn Levy. According to the lead actor, even before Wolverine’s translator was involved, the two began developing the idea of ​​a third film from then on. Adam Project, a film distributed via streaming on Netflix. But the brainstorming was interrupted by a phone call from an old acquaintance.

Deadpool & Wolverine, Hugh Jackman’s arrival changed the entire story according to the director

Through Deadpool & Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will make their first appearances In the Marvel universe To officially be part of the MCU. Deadpool and Wolverine are getting ready to sharpen their weapons because a new adventure awaits them and this time it will involve the dangers of the Multiverse, which have already been experienced in Marvel on the big and small screen. However, according to the director, the film has reached this form today thanks to Hugh Jackman. Ryan Reynolds called and everything changed. To the microphones Entertainment Weekly He remembers how things went:

Everything changed dramatically the day Hugh Jackman called Ryan Reynolds. We thought of several ideas for potential stories suitable for a third Deadpool movie, ideas that would have been good as sequels to the first two films, but none of them suggested such a historical change. I can safely say that the story changed completely, and from that day on, the idea came very quickly.

We’ll probably never find out what ideas existed at the time for a third Deadpool movie. But we do know that connecting with Hugh Jackman was Ryan Reynolds’ idea. One of many, to be honest. The intention was not to spoil the ending of the film Logan – Wolverine For 2017, in fact, the film’s trailer suggests that what’s being represented on screen in this case is an alternate version of Wolverine who has disappointed his world. Integrating Deadpool and Wolverine was not easy, as the head of Marvel Studios later said Kevin Feige.

The truth is, I wasn’t sure how to incorporate Deadpool. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to bring mutants and the X-Men into the world [MCU]And I thought it had to be more than just replaying songs. But the truth is, Ryan is an idea machine. When he suggested it to me, he added 25 more ideas.

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