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Sora Calcio against racism: “Admission is free for all people of color.” Siri Club Initiative Dr

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“Admission is free for all people of color to the local championship game against Avezzano.” This is the initiative of Sura Calcio – one of the clubs in Group F of the Italian League – for the last match of the season. On April 21, the club was fined 2,500 euros due to some racist insults directed at it. […]

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“entrance free For all people of color in the local championship game vsAvezzano“This is an initiative Sora Football – A struggling club in Group F D series – For the last match of the season. On April 21, the club was… Fined to 2500 euros Because of some Insults Racists Directed at the opposing playerAlma Juventus Fano During the match he won 2-1. The bad episode forced the referee to do so Temporarily suspended the meeting. Through this initiative, Sora’s goal is to erase this ugly page and send a message against discrimination.

SoraCalcio Initiative: Official Press Release

Juventus Club announced the anti-racism initiative through the following: Official press release: “After the unpleasant and serious incidents of discrimination that occurred in the internal championship match on 04/21/2024 between… Sora And Alma Juventus Fano Featured by a small minority of spectators in the Distinti sector, ASD SORA CALCIO 1907 was based on the express wish of Juventus’ sponsor Avv. Giovanni Palma I decided to once again raise everyone’s awareness of a complex and important social issue like racism by allowing all people of color free entry For the championship match on Sunday, May 5 between Sora and Avezzano. there Palma Law and Tax Firmwho handled the emergency appeal benefiting from the professionalism of the Catanzaro court counsel Louis CarvelliHe wanted to point out how fans of Sora and Sora City couldn’t be more together Named Or related to phenomena discrimination ethnic She urges her supporters to be the first to do so, along with the community He fights And isolation The few Fools Which they can participate in in the future Shameful acts similar.”

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