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Soccer Class 1 – Terragen: “Governor, what an achievement. Now we have to complete the work.”

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governmental The Governmentlese team wins the derby against Poggese 2-0 and wins the final stage of the promotion battle. “It was a difficult match,” says Valerio Terragin, scorer of the first goal. It was very hot, and since it was still May, these first ones were just cooking. Moreover, if we wanted to qualify, we had to win it. We did a good job of scoring the goal and then it all went downhill from there. I think the changes made the difference because we are a team whose non-starters are up to 11th level. I want to dedicate the goal to my mother because it was her celebration, but not only that, but also to the girl who was in the stands.” “I created an excellent relationship with the coach – continues the striker. The kiss he gave me at the end was because he teased me a lot in the defensive phase, and also because Yes, the balance factor on the pitch. At that moment, Akinbino and Adai were on the pitch and they were more inclined to the attacking phase rather than the defensive phase. So when the coach saw that I covered in defence, and succeeded in blocking one of the Bugis players, he was happy and showed me his gratitude. “.
Now a week of rest, then next Sunday a match against the loser Lalio Cantu. “We will continue to work as always. It’s not over yet and we haven’t reached our goal yet. “It would be a shame not to try to win them all given the progress we have made.” “The season was a bit strange – concludes Valerio -. We started by pressing the brakes, and then in November, there was a clear turning point that gave us momentum. It is a shame that we started like this The way, because in my opinion we could have finished higher than third. However, it was still a positive season, because a group of guys who love each other and have an excellent understanding was created. Personally, I consider it a different season for me, because I turned into An assistant player and I changed my style a little from the previous seasons. I am happy that I contributed to the goal not only through assists and goals, but also through leadership and balance. I am not thinking about the future because we are all focused on finishing this season in the best possible way Talks with the company and my desire was to continue together but now there is still one goal to achieve: we need to think about performing well in the third round, to get the promotion card.”
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