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Protecting Kavanagh and protecting its biodiversity are the champions of the arena with Scienza Under18

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Among the innovations of this year’s edition of Science Under 18 is the direct participation of the Municipality of Monfalcone with its own pavilion in the initiative.

The organization will, for the first time, be the champion of the event by organizing a special workshop targeting young people with the aim of promoting the issues of environmental sustainability of our lands in an attractive and stimulating way, with a focus on the Kavanagh region.

The format used is a “role-play” format, where children participate in a kind of imaginative space animated by their active participation.

Moreover, the title of the workshops itself is indicative of the spirit in which we intend to approach this journey: “Animals with easy tastes and difficult tastes: will you be able to eat in the Cavanagh di Monfalcone swamp?”.

Ornithologist and naturalist Paolo Otmar will activate the events taking place tomorrow, Thursday 15 May and Friday at 9, 10 and 11.

An opportunity for the municipality also to raise awareness of the European cross-border project called “Eco2Smart” which supports the activities.

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