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London elections change Windsor’s summer agenda (William will have more time to monitor Kate’s recovery)

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Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announces the call for an election on July 4While expectations in London for months have been for the fall election, the royal agenda is also changing. on the contrary, The House of Windsor is forced to postpone scheduled royal engagements From now until the elections.

And the first to adapt today is William, the day after the surprise announcement, in the pouring rain yesterday, by Prime Minister Sunak at No. 10 Downing Street. The heir to the throne canceled a trip scheduled for today “Not to interfere in electoral plans.”

In fact, it is common practice for London’s royal family to refrain from public engagements that could distract from and influence the electoral climate.. A palace spokesman announced: “Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, the Royal Family will, in accordance with standard practice, postpone official engagements that may appear to distract from the ballot box.”

after that Yesterday, King Charles received Sunak at the palace for 15 minutes: The Prime Minister has in fact, as usual, asked the King to allow him to dissolve Parliament to call elections on July 4. Therefore, Windsor’s schedule in the coming months until July will be much freer than the royal family had originally planned.

For Prince William, who returned to full service after caring for his wife, Catherine He had surgery in January and is now being treated for cancer, so this will be an opportunity to devote more time to the family. And not because of a personal choice (he abstained from royal engagements in the weeks after Kate was admitted to hospital, where he was attacked by some protesters at home) but because of “an electoral exercise for the kingdom.”

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Even King Charles will be able to slow the pace of returning to service She has been working publicly since her first royal engagement three weeks ago It’s hectic to say the least with more than one commitment on the agenda each day. In short, a blessing in disguise, as the English say.

But it remains prominent on the King and William’s agenda Anyway, for at least the next few months Three main events This is something the House of Windsor will not give up, election or not. The first trip to Normandy will be on June 6 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings that decided the fate of World War II. A commitment abroad will keep us engaged Normandy Charles and Camilla as well as Prince William. Then, indispensably, a party Recruiting color: it is The King’s official birthday is celebrated this year in mid-June in London, at Buckingham Palace.

At the end of June, the king will welcome him to the palace with A An official reception for Emperor Naruhito of Japan with his wife, the Empress Chrysanthemum Throne, Masako. In this case, since the state visit has already been postponed due to Covid, it will not be possible to consider another postponement.

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