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Lega Calcio and four big names discredit President Cassini: “Your representation is limited”

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Lega Calcio and four big names discredit President Cassini: “Your representation is limited”

Milan, Roma, Inter and Juventus wrote to the Football Association on the eve of a meeting between the leaders of Kone, football and basketball with Sports Minister Andrea Abudi.

Milan, Roma, Inter and Juventus yes “Season” From the League A line on reforms, on the eve of the meeting of the leaders of the club, football and basketball with the Minister of Sports Andrea Aboudi, in which they will talk about the government’s project for the professional oversight authority of the club’s budgets.

In a letter to President Lorenzo Cassini, who will represent the league tomorrow, the four clubs ask – ANSA has learned – “To clarify in advance“Starting tomorrow and in all institutional meetings that”Positions expressed and established“On the document approved on February 14 by A “It is not shared and approved“From the four clubs.

The Football Association responds

Proposals to give greater weight and autonomy to the top flight “are going ahead Authorized by all clubs“, and the document approved by the Assembly”It was not publicly represented as having been voted unanimously“: This was confirmed by Italian League sources to the Italian news agency ANSA, after a letter from Milan, Roma, Inter and Juventus to President Cassini.

The same sources state that “since the day of the session in which it was presented It was immediately reported that only 4 teams abstained from voting, due to their opposition only to the point regarding the 20 and 18 team tournament format.“.

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Regarding the rest of the document, the League confirms that “on the contrary, there was participation and contribution from all clubs in its drafting.” The same document also represents the basis on which proposals are being implemented, on a mandate from all clubs, to gain the greater weight and independence that the League has been calling for for some time.“.

As for tomorrow’s meeting with Minister Aboudi “referred to in the letter, it has also been scheduled It is only about the subject of the government agency’s proposal to which all clubs, without exception, have expressed their opposition“.

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