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Italy’s opponents in the first stage. The Azzurri are in Group B.

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The first die is cast.. road Italy men’s national hockey team in view of 2024 World Championshipthis year’s review is on stage from September 16 to 22 in Novara and set inside International skating gamesa multi-sport event that brings together in one place (in this case our country) all the FISR World Championship disciplines competitions.

It was held yesterday, Friday, June 28, in the host city. The expected draw included the blue team In group B with Chile, France, Spain. The first group includes Argentina, Portugal, Angola and the United States of America. As a result, Alessandro Bertolucci’s men will play their first match against their South American rivals on Monday 16 September, then face the Transalpines and the Iberians in the following two days.

The second group is also for the women’s national teamIn preparation for the matches against Spain, Chile and England. The match against the British will be the first scheduled for the Italians (September 16); this will be followed by matches against the Chileans (September 17) and the Spanish (September 18).

He was also present at the draw. Minister of Sports Andrea AboudiWho introduced the event with these words: “We live in the future thanks to youth. This event represents all of this in the best way possible. When 100 years of history are celebrated, as the World Hockey Federation does here in Novara The Minister stressed in the words collected by FISR: When we talk about numbers such as more than 100 participating countries, 12 disciplines, 4 participating regions, 12,000 athletes, 600 competitions, as is the case at the 2024 World Ski Games, it is clear that a great challenge has begun. A challenge that will be met in the best possible way, thanks to the organizational capacity of the World and Italian Federations and the local organizing machine, in an event of exceptional importance. A spectacular region like Novara can be promoted. This global event represents a meeting of peoples, through sport, for peace, inclusion and coexistence with humanity. The future is not only about medals and victories, but also about inclusion, loyalty, solidarity and legitimacy. Values ​​​​fully represented by roller sports“.

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