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World's First Robo Fashion Designer

Toronto-based Urbancoolab announces the official launch of its Ai powered streetwear designer to collaborate with established and upcoming musicians to create and sell their own streetwear capsules.

ChatMate Partners with the BotEngine Experts

"ChatMate has partnered with BotEngine to let you create chatbots for any scenario so you can be available anytime for your customers."

StoryBilder: Driven by the Power of Story

The ability of story to transport, enlighten, and entertain has been a human social driver since the beginning of time. For StoryBilder, the search for ways to enable better storytelling is the only quest worth pursuing.

Email service provider chnages tatics to combat outbound spam

Email service provider, Thexyz have updated the anti-abuse policies in order to better protect customers and infrastructure. This change has been made to decrease the number of false positives and curb outgoing spam from our system. For the security of our customers and infrastructure we do not give advance notice of anti-abuse changes.

Osedea héberge un événement de fou avec un prix de feu : le gagnant de Code in the Dark remportera 3 000 $!

Le vendredi 23 novembre, Osedea sera l'hôte de la deuxième édition canadienne du trépidant concours de programmation Code in the Dark, cette fois encore plus imposant et remarquable qu'en 2017.

Epic event, impressive prize: The winner of Code in the Dark (hosted by Osedea) will take home $3K in cash!

Coming up on Friday, November 23rd, Osedea will be hosting the second edition of the Canadian Code in the Dark competition.

Anaguma Solutions announces Link Defender for Office 365

Anaguma Solutions releases Link Defender, an Outlook/Office 365 add-in that scans your e-mail messages and evaluates potential risk of clicking on the contained web links.

International Campaign to Protect Children on the Internet Seeks Volunteers

International Campaign to Protect Children on the Internet

Seeks Volunteers

Local Work Will Lead to Global Impact by Creating the Love a Million Ambassadors Program

Huge win for Canadians as CRTC rejects Bell’s website blocking proposal

Welcome ruling protects Canada from overreaching censorship agency, deferring jurisdiction to reviews of the Copyright, Telecommunications and Broadcasting Acts.

SommEvents Wins 2018 WebAward

SommEvents granted 2018 WebAward for “Small Business Standard of Excellence”.

eproval to attend 63rd IFEA Expo: Changing Perspectives in the Event Industry

From October 1-3, eproval will be heading to San Diego, CA, to attend the 63rd International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) Convention.

Let’s Nurture aims to provide platforms to fabricate new ideas for its employees

Let’s Nurture being one of the elite IoT solution providers and mobile app development company, has made an immense impact across various industry verticals. But what sort of impact does it have on its employees so far? Well, the company has always tried and has provided platforms where its employees can show their talents, share their creative ideas and can grow, this is exactly what everyone in a corporate world wishes for.

GeoComply Receives Interim Approval as Sports Wagering Supplier in West Virginia

GeoComply has received interim approval as a sports waging supplier in West Virginia for its geolocation compliance solution. GeoComply is the first vendor to have received approval in West Virginia, in anticipation of the launch of sports wagering in the state.

How do Canadians stack up in Cable Internet Plans?

CanNet Telecom Inc have done the analysis and provided the Report on Canada Regions for using the 75M Cable plans and stack of regions.The good news for Canadian consumers are that cable plans speeds and access to cable internet connections have increased significantly over the last year.’s Official Policy Update Regarding Underage Accounts on Live Stream app Cake

Last week the Cake app and team were made aware of community concerns regarding child safety warnings issued about the cake app. We take child safety very seriously at and want to take the time to set the record clear on our official policy on underage accounts.

SBTech Completes GeoComply Integration For US Sports Betting

SBTech has completed the integration of GeoComply's New Jersey approved geolocation compliance solution with their iGaming & Sports betting platforms. GeoComply will now be available for use alongside SBTech's products across its on-property, online and mobile channels as they expand their offerings in the US.

Toronto Hackers Help Find Missing Persons

On July 28, 2018 a group of hackers in Toronto, Canada will be hosting the world's first contest to find missing persons using OSINT. Defcon Toronto is hosting a CTF (Capture the Flag) event where contests will search for real missing persons using the skills they have developed as cyber security professionals.

EU Legal Committee Approves Controversial Copyright Directive

In a major blow to the open Internet, the vote supports push for a link tax and censorship machines that will have a global impact.

Blair Technology Solutions Launches New Cloud Solutions

Blair Technology Solutions is proud to introduce their family of cloud solutions. The solutions consist of Blair Private Cloud, Blair Backup as a Service, Blair Resiliency as a Service, and Blair Cloud Management.

GeoGuard launches with Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform

GeoGuard today announces a new agreement with Akamai in which GeoGuard's market-leading VPN/DNS Proxy detection solution is available to Akamai customers via an integration into Akamai's cloud delivery platform.

El programa “Todos Conectados” en Naucalpan será un referente a nivel mundial: Irazema González

El programa "Todos Conectados" que impulsa la candidata a Diputada Local por el Distrito 30 Naucalpan, Irazema González, es un referente a nivel mundial, pues será el municipio con la mayor densidad de población en el mundo que tenga acceso libre a Internet, consideró Alejandro Luquin, vocero de Por un México Justo y experto en Internet.

Net Neutrality, affordability at centre of Telecom Act review

Questions about funding Canadian Content leave the Internet Tax problematically on the table in the Broadcast Act review.

Internet Tax proposed by CRTC would raise cost of online access for everyone in Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly, and 70% of Canadians have all said no to an Internet Tax that would raise monthly bills, deepen digital divide, and force vulnerable Canadians offline.

Mazu Launches Exclusive Dare2Dream app with Harold “Lefty” Williams

Former Globetrotter and Harlem Dreams Showman, launches kid-safe social media platform to engage with youth in a positive way.

Posh Bébé Canada lance son nouveau site Internet

Posh Bébé Canada, le distributeur officiel de la marque de tapis de jeux de Baby Care et Dwinguler, du combo poussette tricycle de Bentley et de la poussette/tricycle pliable de Rito, lance son nouveau site Internet avec une plateforme e-commerce pour sa clientèle francophone canadienne.

New Boundary Technologies to Host Workshop at IoT Fuse

Attendees will build an enterprise-scalable, responsive web IoT application with live sensor data in less than two hours.

CBH Joins Canadians To Boycott Facebook For its unethical Practices Media Release (03/25/2018) - In contempt to the damage caused by Facebook collaboration with third parties to invade the privacy of Canadian people and world citizens for unapproved activities that aims at manipulating democracy and disclosing personal information in ways that damage freedoms, Canada Holdings shall close its Facebook Page as of today Noon GMT.

We choose to join the world against unethical practices.

25th March 2018



Save family memories with the Imbueapp. A free iOS app delivering trusted long-term storage for cherished family memories. Imbue uses machine learning to identify photos, antiques, heirlooms, etc. and turns them into time capsules for future generations.

CRTC must reject new overreaching Internet censorship proposal

Bell-led coalition proposes government-backed website blocking system that advocates warn will harm consumers and free expression online.

Canada listens to Canadians, protects digital rights in new TPP agreement

Yesterday Canada joined 10 other countries in signing onto a reworked version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), now known as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

TeamTab helps teams synchronize

TeamTab helps remote, distributed, and office-based teams synchronize more easily and helps coworkers find mutual time to collaborate.

9 in 10 Canadians still not at basic Internet speeds called for by CRTC, even as data usage jumps by 25%

Annual CRTC study demonstrates clear need for national broadband strategy, as Canadians face increasingly less affordable prices for home and mobile Internet.

Introducing - The search engine for lightweight, unbloated, old school websites

This Canadian made search engine is building a web surfing experience more like the early internet, where websites were highly personalized and made without the use of off-the-shelf scripts that has made today's web sterile and boring by comparison.

clickworker’s Crowd grows to 1 Million global Users

clickworkerclickworker, one of the leading providers of crowdsourcing services, has registered one million Clickworkers on its platform since early September. The robust growth of the crowd over the past two years reflects the increased interest in flexible online jobs.

Civil society urges trade decision-makers to consider the impacts of NAFTA on digital rights

Organizations from Mexico, Canada and the United States highlight the need for increased transparency and urge the exclusion of intellectual property provisions.

OpenMedia joins Massive Internet-Wide Day of Action to defend Net Neutrality and prevent Internet Slow Lanes

July 12th Day of Action is backed by thousands of websites, including household names such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, OK Cupid, PornHub, Mozilla, Etsy, Snapchat, and Vimeo.

Launch of IXmaps Internet Mapping tool enables Canadians to see exactly where their data travels online

Researchers estimate that at least 90% of Canadians' Internet traffic travels via the U.S., where it is especially vulnerable to NSA surveillance.

La nouvelle application Shoprivy aide les commerces de proximité à prendre le virage du numérique

La startup montréalaise OctHuber annonce le lancement public de Shoprivy à Montréal, une solution inédite de promotion des commerce de proximité.

Newly Released App Shoprivy Helps Local Retailers Go Digital

Montreal-based startup OctHuber announces the general release of its new app in Montreal, Shoprivy, a unique solution dedicated to promoting local retailers.

#DigiCanCon consultation results show Canadians need affordable Internet access to support Canadian content in the 21st century

Consultation results demonstrate public opposition to an Internet Tax that would raise monthly bills, deepen our digital divide, and force vulnerable Canadians offline.

Poll: Vast majority of Canadians oppose Internet Tax, prefer funding CanCon by extending GST/HST to foreign online companies

Innovative Research Group poll finds 70% of Canadians are opposed to an Internet Tax to fund Canadian Content, including 63% of Liberal Party supporters.

Communities, local leaders, and entrepreneurs come together for faster, cheaper Internet through Community Broadband

In wake of December's historic CRTC ruling on high-speed Internet, local governments across the nation are being urged to step up and play their part.

Veteran Technology Marketing Executive Nimmy Reichenberg Joins eSentire as Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Reichenberg will lead the development and execution of eSentire's marketing efforts.

Applying sales tax to foreign online services is a positive alternative to harmful new fees such as an Internet Tax or Netflix Tax

Liberal government still considering a damaging new Internet Tax that would raise monthly bills and keep Canadians offline.

Former NetWitness Founder Nick Lantuh Transitions from Chairman to Executive Chairman Role with eSentire

Nick Lantuh has taken on an expanded role as the executive chairman.

Montreal based startup introduces Castor, the dashboard web app that is loved the world over

Castor, a Montreal startup announces its first product, a dashboard derived from an in-house developed pet project, has been made available on the web since Dec. 28, 2016 and is an overnight success with more than 20,000 web visits and a signup record of one user every 20 seconds.

Castor is a simple tool that allows users to create monitoring dashboards using their own data and display it in a beautiful way: users can combine in a single dashboard news feeds, calendars, custom charts and tables or even the weather forecast!

NPF Applauds CRTC decision to recognize broadband as essential

The National Pensioners Federation has been following the discussion of availability of broadband, especially for seniors, including a resolution at our 2016 convention. We are pleased with the announcement by the CRTC that broadband access must be available to all Canadians.

Vancouver Web Fest 2017 Official Selections Announced

VANCOUVER WEB FEST (VWF) announces their 2017 Official Selections and Nominees for the 4th annual festival to be held March 17 to 19, 2017, at Performance Works on Vancouver’s Granville Island.

360Sync Launches DNS Hosting

With the importance of DNS for all your online services, from the website to email and any online service - 360Sync now provides a dedicated DNS Hosting service for a few reasons.

Crowdsourcing helps City of Kitchener test local Internet performance

Partnership with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority includes benchmarking and ongoing evaluation will be key part of Digital Kitchener project.

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