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Press Release: New Offering of Holiday Gift Certificates for Lawn Care

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Turf King Hamilton is pleased to announce that a new offering of Holiday Gift Certificates for Lawn Care program services has just been released.

During the upcoming holiday season with Christmas and Hanukkah approaching, many people will be wanting to give the gift of a healthy, green lawn to someone they love. This December, Turf King Hamilton will again have a limited number of special lawn vouchers available.

The special vouchers are customized to the needs of a particular lawn or lawn-owner. Different lawns may require different programs to fully address the current and potential problems that are present or that are likely to arise over the coming season.

Through analysis of past practices and current conditions and problems, a program can be customized to meet the needs of a particular lawn or situation.

Turf King Hamilton provides professional lawn care services to homeowners and commercial sites throughout the Hamilton, Haldimand and part of Halton (Burlington and Oakville.) These programs are structured to provide peace of mind to homeowners while improving the aesthetic appearance and maintaining property values.

These services include fertilization with long lasting, granular products that feed the lawn over an extended period of time. The nutrients provided include slow-release Nitrogen products to give the grass a deep green colour. A comprehensive fertilization program is an important part of creating a healthy lawn. Having the proper nourishments available when the plant requires them is essential to a balanced soil nutrient profile.

As well, a low-risk, “organic,” weed treatment product application is normally included in a basic program. This past year, Turf King Hamilton used Fiesta, a new herbicide product that is approved for use even under the new Ontario Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Act that was imposed in 2009 by the McGuinty Liberal government. Thea weed treatments are normally applied twice in the year. Some lawns that have been neglected may need extra, additional treatments to bring them up to a reasonable standard in order to be able to have a lawn with acceptable results.

Turf King Hamilton has been servicing lawns in the Hamilton area since 1991. Gerry Okimi has a degree from the University of Guelph in Environmental Horticulture and has spent all of his working career in various aspects of horticulture. Turf King Hamilton is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association (LOHTA), and the Professional Lawn Care Association of Ontario (PLCAO). Customer may also earn AIR MILES® reward miles on lawn programs at Turf King Hamilton.

Contact Gerry Okimi

Turf King Hamilton
95 Hempstead Drive
Hamilton ON L8W 2Y6
Phone: 905-318-6677

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