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Space stations are growing

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Among the promising lines of the new space economy are spaceports. According to the Space Foundation, 1,022 spacecraft were launched into orbit in the first six months of 2022, and revenue in the commercial sector alone increased by 6.4%, generating more than $224 billion in revenue from products and services provided by space companies. And nearly $138 billion was spent on infrastructure and support for commercial space.

These days the Canadian government Granted licenses for first flights from spaceport Nova ScotiaLocated in the Cape Breton Island National Park, Kanzo region, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The construction approval dates back to last August, and with the approval starting these days, the offer for commercial aircraft is further enhanced: For Canada, the challenge is also to develop rockets that are ‘green’, meaning with less impact on the environment.

Canada’s challenge was announced with a Tweets Launched from 2023 onwards from Manager of Maritime Launch Service (MLS). MLS is proud to be the only Canadian private investor with a space base near the Atlantic Ocean; Among his clients, the head of the International Space Station’s laboratory Nanorocks and Quebec’s supplier of clean technology rockets Rocket Dynamics.

The Canadian space station also offers advantages for its high latitudes, which allow polar launches to be optimized for global monitoring. land or for military applications.

Even Europe has not ignored the possibility of having its own space station: on January 16, in the presence of Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf and the President of the European Commission, Ursula van der Leyen, the Esrange space station Krishna. Director of ESA also attended the event Joseph AschbacherWhen this The European Space Agency’s annual press conference was held today, January 23 Talked about recent activities forHop test Reusable launchers Prometheus and Themis, from Kiruna.

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Other sites are also vying for the position of the European Space Station: the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, the Norwegian island of Andoia, Spanish Andalusia and Great Britain. Seven launch pads.

On January 9, everything was ready for the first launch of the Start Me Up mission from English territory. UKSA, the British Space Agency, was to launch Cosmic Girl, a Boeing 747 from Virgin Orbit. Spaceport Cornwallin Cornwall. Launch failed due to anomaly But in the race to find Virgin Orbit’s reusable launch system designed to outpace SpaceX competition, LauncherOne would have had to be brought to a higher altitude than Leo — low Earth orbit — would have sent its precious satellites into orbit. But something went wrong and the Boeing 747 returned to base with the Cosmic Girl crew.

Italy is also preparing to align itself to the European challenge from the Apulian coast: on December 13 it signed a provisional planning group. Adr Ingegneria Spa, Proger Spa, Rina Consulting Spa and Architect Camerana won the tender to build the first national space stationTaranto-Crottagli Airport. A new legal entity is called Cryptalia SpaceportFrom the ancient division of Crotagli, the Apulian city is also known for its magnificent pottery.

To date, one stepInvestigation Agi of 2021, they exist Thirty-four official space stations In the world, 6 of them are destined for human spaceflight. With Kiruna and the Canadian Space Station, we are already thirty-six years old.

Above: Rocket Dynamics plans to launch at least one satellite into space from Nova Scotia, Canada. Credit Rocket Dynamics.

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