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It is proud of the large area devoted to foreign policy

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During the usual press conference at the end of the year, Prime Minister Georgia watermelon It has devoted a wide space to foreign policy and we should be proud of that because this government is returning Italy to a leading role in international geopolitics. The verdict on the Russian question was clear because the Moscow government’s choices were unequivocal and in violation of international law. As Giorgia Meloni said, if they are accepted by the international community, they will drop the entire fortress of our international legal construction. ” This was stated by Giangiacomo Calovini, leader of the Brotherhood of Italy group in the Foreign Affairs Committee.

“Also very well about our country’s role in the Mediterranean since the issue of migration, the issue of energy as well as cooperation with North African countries should be priority chapters for our executives. We are glad to note that the next European Council will be the defense of the borders of the Union and a new approach To control immigration from the African continent is at the center of his discussion.The passage on Iran also underscores the government’s interest in the issue of human rights, which cannot be overlooked and must be vigorously considered by the entire international community.Italy – Calovini concludes – has a clear position on this issue and it is clear that the atrocities occurring in that country can no longer be tolerated.”

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