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Konad Space in Rivoli • News Agenda

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Rivoli – Lo Space Konad in Rivoli She is committed to the “Let’s Support Feelings” project.

At CONAD Square in Rivoli, we “support sentiment” for six associations

left in Rivoli Space Console in Corso Susa The Conad Nord Ovest Initiative that donates “Buoni Cuore” to local associations and non-profit organizations that are committed to the project, which perfectly accommodates the needs of many communities. It is my pleasure to members Astronauts by Rivoli, Eugenio Marotta and Gianluca Dedecido They declare their adherence to the important solidarity project.”Let’s support the sentiments of Konad Nord Offset. The initiative is very simple and based on common, concrete and unanimous solidarity. Let’s support the sentiments helps support the activities of many local associations, believing that the more they join, the more solidarity and the more customers who are excited to support them. Project Increases the connection between participating Conad Nord Ovest sales points and the micro-territory in which they operate, strengthening the customer, who becomes the champion by choosing who to express their solidarity with and the entity that benefits from the contribution”.

How it works

The mechanics are simple: until May 31, 2023, you will receive a “Heart Point” for every €10 you spend with Carta Insieme. Once you have accumulated 35 points, it will be possible to request a “heart voucher” of €2.50, a voucher that can be donated to one of the member associations, directly at the Spazio Conad in Rivoli. Members have actually prepared 5 showcases, one for each association, available to customers who wish to assign a good heart to their chosen association, which will therefore have an economic advantage for each Good Heart allotted to them.

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love community

We strongly believe in this initiative devised by Conad Nord Ovest, because with a small gesture that costs the customer nothing, it is possible to help many busy associations in the growth of the community.»- note Eugenio Marotta and Gianluca Diecidue, Conad Nord Ovest partners of Spazio Conad in Rivoli -«Loving the community means tangible support for the associations of one’s land. For this reason, through the “Let’s Support Sentiments” program, customers will be able to collect Heart Points every time they shop, thanks to which they will be able to collect coupons to be donated to Heart Associations. It’s a small, simple gesture that in Konad turns into solidarity with the entire local community. Communities that we members read from within, from the privileged vantage point of which is our selling point, but leave them to a well-defined responsibility, weaving new relationships with people, institutions, and territories. So those interested can come to visit us at the point of sale, we are waiting for that“.

From Konad to Rivoli in Corso Susa

Konad is a company associated with the regions that have made proximity a special element. Living and working among people helps to interpret and respond to the needs and aspirations of societies. Every day, members of the Entrepreneur – who best embody the meaning of “business for the community” – contribute to the promotion of city events, support neighborhood associations and cultural events, and are champions of activities of great social significance. When, early in the morning, they open the shutters of their shops, they are ready to touch the real country with their own hands, and know very well the people of their cities and the needs of the communities in which they operate.

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