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Who was Felicia Impastato, played by Luneta Savino on Rai 1

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In the TV movie that aired on May 1, Lunetta Savino plays a strong and brave woman who has fought for justice for the death of her son for 20 years.

In the early evening of May 1, Rai 1 Suggest in early evening Felicia kneads2016 TV movie that tells the story of a strong and brave woman who never stopped striving for justice for her children, Peppino EmbastatoThe mafia killed him. Here is the true story of this woman who played her role in the movie Savino.

The true story of Felicia Impastato

Born in 1916 in Senese, in the province of Palermo. Felicia Bartolotta She is a woman with a rebellious spirit and an undoubtedly strong temperament. From a young age, she followed her ideals, and also clashed with her family. Thus, in 1947, he married against his parents’ wish Luigi Impasta (who would later take his surname): From their union two children were born, Giuseppe, named Peppino, and Giovanni. However, their marriage is not a simple one: Felicia’s brother-in-law, Cesar Manzilla, is president From the city, the Impastato family is closely related to Cosa Nostra.

In the 1960s and 1970s, his son Pepino the rebel In this situation: he no longer wants to have anything to do with the Mafia and the ties his family has with it. He then founded a newspaper and radio, Radio Out, through which he complaint The criminal activities of the boss Gaetano Badalamenti. Precisely for this anti-mafia activity, Peppino Impastato came in 1978 killing. Mother, Felicia, is devastated. But he decided to break the silence, and three days after the attack on his son he went to the polling stations, where the municipal elections were underway, and voted on the list that Pepino joined.

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20 years of legal battle

During the trial for the murder of her son, Felicia Impastato poses herself civil party With her second son, Giovanni, they seek “justice, not revenge”. His only goal was to fight for justice and to make sure that Peppino’s killers were arrested and sentenced. Women’s Struggle Without Armistice: During the trial, he decides to shout out to the world the names of the men who killed his son legal battle Felicia lasts more than twenty years: only in 2022 President Gaetano Badalamenti and his Vice President Vito Palazzolo were sentencedMobed rule. The woman continued to fight and testified until her death, which occurred in Cincinnati in 2004.

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