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Powerwash Simulator: Review –

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Are you ready to roll up your sleeves? In our Powerwash Simulator review, refreshing jets of water and dirt, accessories and tools of all kinds await you.

But do you think Powerwash Simulator was published by SquareEnix? It sounds amazing but it’s totally true, on the other hand, this little game instantly got people talking about itself, both for the original concept and for the particular obsessions it’s trying to satisfy. If the idea intrigues you, put on a waterproof suit and get ready to clean the moon in our country too Powerwash Simulator Review.

They are just pressure washers…

Powerwaash Simulator: What a disaster in this yard, fortunately there is us and our pressure washer

Powerwash Simulator isn’t an experience just for those who are obsessed with cleanliness, even those who love playing with the pipe, lifting dirty corners of stairs, watching water drain in the crock-patio, and poking their noses will elicit so much satisfaction from it on the windshield separating it from the car at the car wash. We’re not kidding: Powerwash Simulator can cause sensual orgasms to all those who live with any fixation, obsession, or obsession related to water and/or soap, and at least one of them is likely to be a part of your daily life. Quite normal actions, however capable of causing immense pleasures of goosebumps, goose bumps along the spine, sudden spasms of the perineum, clenched teeth and tingling. We only talk about aquatic!

The game is very simple, like his career: a series of thirty levels and more, divided into vehicles and locations, to be cleaned from top to bottom, until the last corner of the hog disappears. The only weapon against grease stains, mold and dust is a reliable pressure washer and its various “tips” that will change the pressure and shape of the aircraft. Tips that allow for wider planes are usually less powerful than those that hit a larger area, so unless you get close to them, and even that’s not necessarily enough, stubborn dirt will wash away without leaving completely. To remove the most urgent blackness, we will necessarily have to use the most accurate and powerful jets, or later soften the dirt with a bar of soap. The pressure washer jets can also be rotated, so that, as needed, you can choose between a horizontal jet and one with a vertical extension.

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Very clean zen garden

Powerwash Simulator: The game has been translated into Italian, not that there is much to read and understand
Powerwash Simulator: The game has been translated into Italian, not that there is much to read and understand

But Powerwash Simulator won’t work without a sensory offering that delivers on what it promises. The resourcefulness of the stains, the different wetness levels, and the final dripping all combine with sound effects that change according to the tips…but what the hell are we writing? This isn’t porn, it’s a Powerwash Simulator and it works just as promised. After all, it’s not much different from a Zen garden where you can comb the sand and gather ideas, in silence or with a podcast in your headphones. Also remember those coloring books really No, they remind us more of those covered in black film that has to be scratched to bring out the colors and designs, you know? ukulele not redundant.

Hydro cleaning team

Powerwash Simulator: In this game you can really clean up the impossible!
Powerwash Simulator: In this game you can really clean up the impossible!

In addition to the profession, which, as we said, is important More than thirty levelsThe game includes four with special setup and the ability to replay those already completed in free mode, for the sole fun of removing dirt. In all modes except profession, Powerwash Simulator also allows Bring in up to six players: Practically it will be possible to assemble a real cleaning team for a time attack to the last point. Technically it’s a well-made game, obviously not particularly complex but colorful, and it’s very effective precisely for the most significant effects in a title dedicated to this magical thing called a pressure washer.

shooter commands

Powerwash Simulator: This station needs to be reopened, but first clean from top to bottom
Powerwash Simulator: This station needs to be reopened, but first clean from top to bottom

The first thing the game will ask us to clean is a pickup truck in a garage, in a few minutes, but the next step will not disappoint your expectations: it will take a long time to clean the garden of your new employer. And certainly a lot more commitment. Fortunately, to avoid wandering uselessly for the last hidden spot, when we are about to finish a task and it will become more difficult to find the remaining dirt, we can use the TAB button to mark it; Moreover, by pointing to an object or part of it with the pointer, the game will give us a cleaning percentage to indicate whether other dirt is present or not.

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As always, they earn money, it will be possible to buy new tips, new accessories and even adjust or adapt The appearance of our work overalls pressure washer, which is especially useful if you want to play with friends. To get to the most hidden dirt, just like in a first-person shooter, we can kneel or lie on the ground, while using the C button we can aim the pressure washer more precisely. Pretty standard commands, if we’re talking about Call of Duty…


Relaxing, fun and with this madness that you should never miss, Powerwash Simulator is one of the surprising video games you never expected to love. The only danger is getting into it so much that you can order a real professional pressure washer on Amazon, but that’s more than 150 euros of expense, unlike the legendary version.


  • Relax over faith
  • masked water effect
  • There are many levels of cleaning from top to bottom


  • It’s a pressure washer simulator, and it can go far
  • It wouldn’t be bad to have at least one more job besides cleaning

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