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Pay 0.30 cents and sell it for 15.00 euros

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Chicken prices increased significantly: 15.00 euros. Here is the reason for this amazing and unexpected increase in selling cost

Chicken (Photo by Andreas Gollner via Pixabay)

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Among the most consumed and loved products in Italy chicken. It’s a good food to eat in many ways: baked, deviled, in a frying pan. But also poached. In short, no matter how you cook it, everyone loves chicken. But in recent weeks price subordinate Poultry he is a plus amazing.

Chicken for 15 euros: this is the reason for the high prices

Chicken breasts at 15 euros per kilogram
Chicken breasts (Photo by Manfred Richter via Pixabay)

The province of Verona is the fulcrum of the national poultry sector. This is thanks to the joint assistance that feeds the breeding chain from chick to slaughterhouse. there hand big companies They provide chicks, feed, veterinarians and when they are fully grown they retire from chickens. on the other side jam who take care of the heads by taking care, until the maturity of the live animal, while heating or cooling the rooms and caring for them.

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But it was she who helped raise the price of chicken Invoices. To denounce this problem, Diego Zucant, head of poultry farmers at Confagricoltura Verona. The cost of electricity has gone up in recent months. And with the heat, the farms have to constantly cool them. Results? Invoices that also arrived to 39 thousand euros.

That’s exactly why Zoccante ordered one healthier distribution subordinate the value to large-scale retailing (GDO), arguing that breeders charge only 25 cents per kilogram for each animal sold. A very low figure, especially when compared to the 15 euros required in the supermarket to buy chicken breasts. Then the number one poultry farmer of Confagricoltura Verona asked for wide distribution: “Give us an extra 10 cents, it will be enough to get a minimum profit“.

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But how does that happen the prices Has it become expensive? It all starts with the listing of raw materials on the Commodity Exchange. Zocante explains that “A live turkey is now valued at around €2.10 per kilo: The difference in respect of the 25-30 cents we are paid goes to the company doing the rescue. The animal can be sold alive to another company but often the purchase is for the slaughtered animal“.

The price of the carcass only resident From To determine then come to 4.5 euros per kilo. This is the most requested ever delicious foods Or from butchers who sell whole chickens. On the other hand, the bulk of that cut and packed goes to orderly distribution. The transformation follows, in general, the same company that collaborates with the breeder to grow the animals. And they always suggest, finally, chicken in troughsTo retail on a large scale, naturally by following their pointers. Then the customer in the supermarket finds a noble part of the product like Breasts at 12-15 euros per kilo. While thighs are about 7 euros.

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Zocante also remembers that for Survival subordinate production chain Someone will have to give up something. Also because working with these energy costs has become impossible for them. Not forgetting the competition Eastern countries Which has a number of lower requirements on animal welfare, and which has been able to sell chicken meat at lower prices. All of this raises serious questions about Survival subordinate M.ade in Italy food.

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