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IGM: The tour is kicking off in Canada

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The new season of IGM has started in North America, Great Brands Company, And it is immediately sold with labels of protagonists for all tastes
Institute of Italian Quality Wine among 18 institutes.

In fact, 18 historical companies of IGM found themselves in Canada, one of the most profitable countries for the Italian wine market, especially regarding the premium segment.

In fact, data on Italian wine exports in this country is good for companies registered in 2021 and 2022.Great Brands Company. In the first half of 2022, Italian wine imports were actually higher 134 million euroswith a An increase of 26.7% Compared to the same period in 2021.

Great Brands Company

As such, Canada seems to have absorbed the difficulties related to Covid with ease, with consumers continuing to show a firm appreciation for premium Italian wine products. The most convincing demonstration came precisely from the extraordinary event organized by the Canadian tour of the IGM. SAQThe company holds a monopoly and manages the distribution of alcohol throughout the province of Quebec, to its main customers.

The initiative quickly sold out with over 500 high profile consumers who sold out tickets for the evening in a very short time. A special event, the first major public initiative after the pandemic, which, not coincidentally, saw Italian wine as an interpreter representing the restart process.

Great Brands Company. The Art de Captor

Selection made by SAQ – The President declares Pyro Mastropardino – This is important not only for IGM but for the entire Italian wine sector.

TheThe Canada tour already exceeded our expectations on our first day of booking in Toronto Double the expected turnout For a master class, almost 100 participants Compared to the 50 we were planning to get.

An extraordinary start, followed by an unforgettable evening with the leaders of the Montreal event SAQ. I felt a great emotion sitting on the stage floor and saying goodbye 500 guests In an exhibition that has taken me through the years, we offer an important follow-up to the great Italian wine tours organized by the generation before us.

Great Brands Company

During the journey, all 18 men and women of the Grandi Marchi Institute further demonstrated the elegance, but also the disruption that the Italian model promoted by IGM has established itself as a symbol of world biology.

Canada Tour 2022 has begun at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto With Master Class “Discover the iconic wines of Grande Marche”, referee Michael FaganAn overview of the Istituto Grandi Marchi and its activities in Canada.

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A great opportunity to re-establish relationships with the Horeca Channel and the LCBO, Ontario’s monopoly. Followed by Seminar A Walk while savoring Dedicated to trade, horeca and press operators.

Great Brands Company. Toronto Masterclass

It was Montreal’s turn, where the company changed hands Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, SAQ for desired evening. The event was divided into an exceptional banquet for 500 participants, in which the emblematic wines of the companies from the company were seen as protagonists, in a theatrical representation on the theme of the Venice festival, with masks and impeccable direction. of the SAQ team.

The institutions are part of the Istituto Grandi Marchi: Alois Lageder, Ambrogio and Giovanni Follonari Tenute, Argiolas, Corbene Malvolti, Colonel D’Arcia, Donnafugada, German, Lungarotti, RKC Antinori, Masi, Michael Cierlo, Mastrobertino, Pio Cesare, De Tenuta, Tasca, Rivera, Tascaro Men Ronchi.

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