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A controversial Global Fraud researcher, whose web following has been steadily growing over the past year, has released a statement even more bizarre than her articles describing the Atlantean Brotherhood Cult’s secret control of the world’s governments, religions, and cultural institutions, along with their constant use of a secret set of encoded symbols in most of the world’s literature, film, television, and written history.

“A few days ago, I began noticing a sharp feeling of dread, along with the images of torture victims crying out to me to help them. Then I had sudden bursts of childhood memories returning to me. And then my visions and prophetic dreams completely stopped.”

Brandt, who researched the instinctual and spiritual nature of humans for fifteen years before discovering the Atlantean Cult, has a policy of absolute honesty with her readers, and yet has been known to fabricate press releases from the Vatican and entertainment figures in an attempt to get ordinary people to begin visualizing the kind of change and revelation that she hopes will happen in conjunction with December 21, 2012.

“When I watch a television show now, even one that I logically know is relevant to conspiracy, I’m no longer seeing hidden connections or evidence. Consequently, I’m dealing with very strong feelings of shame, embarrassment, and doubt coming up over what I’ve written and published in the past year on the topic of global fraud. It’s ugly stuff that I felt convinced was right and needed to be shared to try to stop the ancient rituals and human torture and slavery from continuing. If people made changes today about what they bought and watched, the market would reflect that. But losing my ability to see the truth on a higher level has put me back in touch with what others see. The world is certainly strange, but the evidence just isn’t there as clearly as it was for me before. I would never have written those articles without the visions guiding me forward.”

Does Brandt have a theory as to why this has happened to her now? “I found the last episode of The Mentalist quite terrifying even though on the surface it was not. It was directed for the first time by Simon Baker, the actor who portrays the main character on the show, and it definitely had a style and feel that unleashed something awful. I’ve been dreaming heavily about the actor in recent weeks, which has affected me emotionally, and in this episode his character seemed altered and far more realistic as a man. It’s hard to explain, but my feeling is that the combination of the two things made it seem like his true self, and his personal history as a bloodline insider and member in the Brotherhood was showing through. A new character struck me as having been written by the show’s creator, Bruno Heller, to resemble the main character’s father, a serial killer and con artist with a predatory nature and a history of sexually abusing children, including the main character. In the context of an otherwise amusing show, the effect was unnerving. The trauma of sitting there feeling the Julius Caesar-based Red John closing in on him, always watching, commanding others to kill just to set traps to be close to his son, and wanting to do him more damage of a sexual or torturous nature, may have simply caused my system to shut down whatever part of me allows the visions to come through. I also watched the Harry Potter movie two nights later, with its constant graphic representation of the family sex and incest pregnancies that were so common in the family of Julius Caesar, and in alchemy in general. Or it could have been that I spent more time than usual cleaning up the house, and started a weight-loss program.”

For those unfamiliar with Brandt’s groundbreaking articles, she compares patterns found in entertainment, ancient texts, royal and mythical genealogies, and conventional history books with published accounts of the trauma endured by victims of ritual abuse and religious cults. She has claimed in the past that this has provided her with “a mountain of evidence” proving that the world is under the tight control of a sadistic group who believe they are blood descendants of the 42 survivors of the mythical continent of Atlantis, which Brandt says archeological evidence points to having been a chain of volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, possibly used as a penal colony, naval tollbooth, or royal residence pre-10,000 BC, or all three, still visible underwater as the North and South Atlantic Ridges, and as the distinctively tall mountains seen in the background of Leonardo Da Vinci paintings and other encoded artworks.

Brandt says that she understands people being skeptical and incredulous at her claims, as she had no interest in history or conspiracy previously, and didn’t know what her research would turn up when she began following her intuition and googling strange word combinations that came to her out of the blue. In fact, she was perplexed and disappointed when she found herself stumbling upon the disturbing realm of world conspiracy only one week after discovering that nine members of her extended family suffered from the incurable neurological condition known as Asperger’s Syndrome, or selfism. For her, the diagnosis ended 35 years of confusion and pain over her family’s odd and hurtful behavior, and Brandt was looking forward to incorporating the new understanding into how she dealt with them and approached her own emotional well-being.

As she delved deeper into both subjects, however, she began to sense a mysterious connection between conspiracy theory and the antisocial disorder. Aspergers results in an absence of  empathy towards others and the inability to imagine what they are feeling or thinking, poor communication and nonexistent social skills, avoidance of eye contact or a tendency to stare blankly, lack of affection or warmth and a preference to speak in one-sided lectures or declarations rather than conversations, and reclusive eccentricity.

Aware that she herself has some aspects of the condition, she says it was through her very non-Aspergers trait of extreme empathy towards the suffering or even discomfort of others that she ended up in the position she’s in today. Motivated from a young age to help others and resolve conflict, she felt she had no choice but to pursue the ultimate truth when she began to have visions of countless victims being imprisoned and tortured for the sake of the cult’s genetic experimentation and rituals of drinking the blood of terrified sacrifice victims, including sexually abused children and infants. After an intense year of reading and watching a wide variety of source material, she began to “see through the illusion of modern human life - our so-called civilization is entirely their own horrendous and manipulative invention, from the alphabet we write with to the shapes of our houses and the styles of our clothes. Everything is symbolically encoded by them, or represents one of their sick rituals and customs, including incest, sacrifice, torturing victims who are kept wide awake as their organs are removed or damaged or even eaten. So to an insider, we all seem to be totally compliant because we give each other valentines in the shape of human hearts, eating heart-shaped chocolates and candies. Popcorn and chocolate are ancient foods to them, and when we watch a movie eating them, we are absorbing the culture they worship. They fool themselves into thinking we somehow approve because we clap for their encoded shows and performances, attend their encoded religious events which are full of secret symbols representing genitals and sex and the use of drugs like magic mushrooms to get high and experience some sort of transcendent experience. It’s almost like they’re little kids left alone and because they can’t know any better, over thousands of years they’ve created the most sick, twisted society possible. Even using the words of the languages they long ago invented makes them feel like they control us. It’s true though that they control the schools and universities, and either teach their disgusting history in metaphor or outright in secret classes in prep schools, elite academies, or advanced courses, as well as torturing and educating their own children according to their shared secret heritage as masters of disguise and manipulation. Meanwhile, the rest of us just see the world as it is, normal and usual. We don’t see that toy dolls and cherubs are a symbol of all the babies they have sex with and eat during nighttime rituals, we just see a cute toy. Even the pictures in children’s books are clearly showing sexual acts, engorged genitals, and other things we wouldn’t guess authors like Dr. Seuss are intentionally showing, but they are. They were trained in the art of subliminal imagery by the same folks who orchestrated the Nazi genocide of any German citizens who opposed their gruesome goals. And they are rewarded for doing so by the cult leaders who hand out awards and medals, like the Nobel Prize, the Academy Awards, and other honors. Yet the rest of us completely fail to see the picture-story that forms the shape and order of the alphabet letters. We don’t see the forms as describing their worship of the ox-god, the fortified houses they built to protect against vengeful attacks, their wandering in the North African desert, their decision to settle in the security and abundance of the Mesopotamian river delta where thousands of mixed-race children were produced, sorted, and sent off to conquer the world in disguise, as the three sons of Noah which E represents. We just see the letters, A, B, C, D, and E, and get on with our day, hoping to avoid suffering and pain, and find a little happiness with loved ones.”

Now that Brandt’s visions have suddenly ceased, she says it is “something of a relief to have a tv show just be a tv show. I still stand by all I’ve witnessed and written over the past year, but I can see now what a stretch it is for normal people to grasp. Yes, a global fraud exists, but the clues are hidden so well, and in fact we’re so used to seeing them written all over the surface of everything we do and see, that if you don’t have help to really see the bigger picture, you won’t. Indigenous groups who haven’t been damaged by the cult can see it very well, how brainwashed and ritualized we are, for meaningless and destructive reasons. But modernized citizens can’t even see that they’re waking up in the morning to alarm clocks that stop them from experiencing the dreams they need to feel spiritually nourished, then they’re drinking the drug-filled brew of coffee which means they’re choosing to participate in Atlantean drug-fueled ceremonies, then going to work in a modern chariot as brainwashing music and news is pumped into their head so they don’t learn to access inner spiritual knowledge, and at work they are probably helping to keep the world as the Atlanteans have designed it, with one group in the paradise sector getting all the luxuries, while those trapped in the hell sector have to endure total unfairness and unnatural destitution. Even the commercials for chocolate bars are showing drug-induced hallucinations in honor of the cacao ceremonies the Atlanteans used to manage to feel some kind of emotional connection, as they suffer from alexythemia, the condition of not perceiving your own emotions or being able to express them to others, resulting in a high-level of anxiety and stress which they can never resolve without the use of sedatives and tranquilizers like alcohol, wheat, potatoes and other nightshade plants like tomatoes and peppers, and of course pharmaceuticals. Many prominent world figures have parents who worked for pharmaceutical companies, because their quest for perfection when they all suffer from such a deep neurological flaw has driven them to develop mind-altering drugs and surgeries that were famously even used in Caesar’s time, 2000 years ago, which they do to their children. The family name, Caesar, refers to their profession as cutters, or surgeons. It wasn’t just the Nazis during World War II who experimented on humans, that was just a major attempt to bring their secret practices more into the public awareness, to see how they would be received. If the public had said okay, Hitler would have continued. But as soon as these people sense the public’s strong disapproval, they jump in and try to sell an alternate product or philosophy, always searching for the magic combination of fidelity to their ancient culture and popular success. Blueblood nobility were right in there saying how great Hitler was, and in later interviews would deny that he could have done anything so terrible. This might seem like a poor choice of defense, as it makes them seem crazy to not just say, Yes, I was fooled, he turned out to be a monster, thank heavens he was stopped. But they’ve been trained from the time they’re small children to lie very well and as if to save their lives. So they could do nothing but deny it had happened. That was the point of the Da Vinci Code, to brag about how well these people train their children to follow the cult’s ideals, such as forcing them into gay sex and weird movies, drug addiction and incest marriages where they’re taken away from their children to avoid strong nurturing bonds from forming between parent and child. Then they’re tempted into affairs that lead to divorce, and then they’re seduced into additional marriages with people who will abuse their children. Every cult member is first and foremost a victim of the cult, usually from infancy on, or even from abuse that occurs during pregnancy because it’s been proven by their research to produce a certain type of personality. Their enemy is a person who is healthy, happy, has close loving bonds with their family and friends, forms strong loving marriages, and are willing to stand up and defend their inherent right to live on the Earth and protect their family and their ability to find food and shelter, and to not be enslaved. But the Atlantean mindset is to enslave as many as possible, to create the greatest empire. Even the friendliest-seeming figures like Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, or Barack Obama, certain child actors, or even the guests on talk shows who cry about their children’s supposedly accidental deaths, have simply been rewarded for being able to participate in the horrifying rituals, then lie about anything and seem genuinely honest and charming. To find the truth, it helps to look at the end result and ignore what people say, no matter how sweet they seem. If the end result is billions of dollars in transfers of funds and dozens of movies portraying child sex and mythical rituals, then that is the end result they were trying to achieve.”

Brandt says she will continue writing on her website whether her visions return or not, as she feels a duty to complete what she feels she was designed to do. “Since I began being told from within myself that I would play some role in helping the world, I’ve certainly struggled between feeling it’s crazy or a blessing. But in twenty years it hasn’t let up, so I don’t think it will now.”

Susan Maureen Brandt’s articles can be read on her website,, or by googling “Susan Maureen Brandt” and “press release”.


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