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All nominations revealed from cinema, TV series and video games –

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Announced Nominations subordinate UZ . Awardsan event related to Etna comics Which reaches its second edition this year, for a unique event in Italy. As for the first edition, prizes range from the world of cinema, television series and video games.

UZ Awards Cover

Best picture (the best movie)

  • panic
  • Diabolic
  • singular muscle
  • It was God’s hand
  • I am laughing here

Best TV Series / Show (Best Series or TV Show)

  • Nudes
  • Astronomy’s guide to broken hearts
  • Domain
  • the hunter

Best video game (best video game)

  • back
  • take two
  • Latch and Clans: RIFT APART
  • death

Best Achievement in Directing (best director)

  • Gabriel Minty (explodes)
  • Manetti Bros (Diabolic)
  • Paolo Sorrentino (It was the hand of God)
  • Jonas Boeher Rasmussen (Fly)
  • Joseph Faris (takes two)

Best Writing Achievement (best screenplay)

  • Gabriel Minty, Nicola Guglianone (explodes)
  • Jonas Boeher Rasmussen, curator (Fly)
  • Sonny Jorgensen, Joseph Faris (It Takes Two)
  • Alessandro Gueda, Matteo Bellati, Giuseppe Paterno Radusa (single male)
  • Paolo Sorrentino (It was the hand of God)

Best Performance in a Motion Picture (Best Performance in a Movie)

  • Eduardo Scarpta (laugh here)
  • Giancarlo Kumari (single male)
  • Mathilde Jolly (It’s okay)
  • Tony Servillo (laugh here)

Best Performance in a TV Series (Best Performance in a TV Series)

  • Michel Rossello (Astronomy Guide to Broken Hearts)
  • Nicholas Maupas (nude)
  • Francesco Montanari (The Fisherman)

The best entertainment with high social impact (Best Entertainment with Social Impact)

  • Escaped
  • take two
  • singular muscle

Special Prizes

Icon Award
Matt Dillon

honorary award
Enrico Vanzina

Best original soundtrack
Joseph Bishara (Dangerous Man)

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Best Documentary

Best Cross-Media Artist
– The winner will be revealed during the ceremony to be held on June 4 –

let’s read other details Taken from the official press release:

Paladins are from an ever-evolving sector, brave in taking on even more ambitious challenges and bringing new luster to the arts industry in general. Just like Ozeta, who, according to the famous Catania tradition, embodies the motto of the humble hero for the conquest of the great.

Companies, businesses and people of international prestige will be celebrated. They will come from all over the world, from Hollywood to the rising sun, and will parade on a dazzling red carpet set up at Le Ciminiere.

“Best Picture”, “Best Series/TV Show”, “Best Animation”, “Best Video Game” and more. Olympus of new media and entertainment in the wonderful setting of the Catania region.

An unprecedented event, decorated not only by guests of absolute depth, among whom were the names of Academy Award nominee Matt Dillon, acclaimed director Gabriel Mainetti (Le Chiamafano Gig Robot, Freaks Out), but also by an exceptional jury made up of representatives of the press Specialized and industry professionals, carefully selected and coordinated by the Chairman of the Jury and the Director as well as the Prize Founder, Chris DarrellCatania’s pride in the world, famous director, artist and screenwriter, but also game designer (Remothered, Bye Sweet Carole, Forgotten Memories), multimedia icon and already member and juror of the BAFTA Awards and NYX Games Awards.

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