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Juice Booster Review 2: Why It’s Safe, Versatile, and Stubborn (vs. Tesla UMC)

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when Talking about charging electric carsFew will tell you There are additional costs to face because of Your home or office is not always in perfect conditions.

On another occasion, we will talk about the costs related to the electrical system, but even assuming this is really modern and efficient, we have to deal with Non-standard port position in Italy and Europe. In the box, you may find yourself with an Italian 3-pole charger and a home charger that came with the car, the charger with a maximum power of 2.3 kW, which always comes with the Schuko.

You should avoid using a plug adapter, World Health Organization I will explain whySo it is useful to replace the socket or change the charger. Tesla, which has already advanced in this, has created a modular charger that allows you to choose between different sockets. Now, however, the Juice Booster 2 is also competing with the American proposal: it doubles the maximum power run by the cable (11 kW from the Tesla Mobile connector versus 22 kW from the Juice Booster 2) and allows you to leave the Type 2 cable at home for the general poles in the current hesitant.

resistance test

Juice Booster 2 was The handyman cable I’ve always carried: On vacation with the Tesla Model 3 and on various trips and trips with electric cars under test. I wanted to take a test for several months just to distinguish myself from the usual “review” that is done in half a day and understand how he would face real life.

Among the challenges I was exposed to there is also the general recharging, He left it on the ground at the pillars between the dirt, the earth and the rain (IP 67), Effects and possible cracking From other cars in the maneuverability. Instead, home testing was done with various developed systems (very old and modern). There was no shortage of abuse of all kinds.

The cable has proven its quality: It costs a lot but it’s worth a lot. In public places, as a type 2 cable for poles, the boredom is simply to lock the lock to avoid theft.

TESLA VS JUICE BOOSTER 2: And it’s compatible

In my case, I can make a direct comparison with a home Tesla charger that clearly loses points because it’s not so versatile: Juice Booster 2 replaces wallbox, Type 2 cable for poles and slow “charging” with Schuko or Italian components.

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In addition to It is a true stationary/portable station of 22 kW three-phase versus Tesla’s 11 kW, ma You should be able to use it to justify the purchase. The Tesla size one fits a car that accepts, in fact, a maximum of 11 kW.

In the event that you have one of the few electrical appliances of up to 22 kW with the charger (or dual charger) on board, it might be worth the investment.

the other great Features It comes down to the possibility of Current adjustment from 6 A to 32 A. This is useful even if you have a Tesla, which allows you to set the desired amperage, but you need to do this from inside the car if it is parked in a garage where the connection does not reach to take advantage of the app.

Do you want another trivial and practical example? If the garage is small and you’ve already “pressed” yourself out the door, Juice Booster 2 gives you a new entrance in the car in case you forget it.

The advantage increases exponentially if you have an electric car that doesn’t allow a choice of charging power, or one that forces you to settle for a preset (usually “minimum or maximum AC current”). Standard home chargers (those with Schuko on for example) are actually limited to a combination of voltage and current. Example? 230 volts and 8 amps (1.8 kW); Want to go down to 6A for Loads questions or counter limit? You can’t do that with those.

with booster 2 You can manually recharge to 6A, 8A and 10A From the outlet of the house, leaving room for a washing machine with a base power of 3 kW. All this, then, you can do Even with an industrial socket, Network load balancing with a button. There are wall boxes that do this automatically, yes, but they are solid solutions.

When used as a type 2 cable for public stations, instead of, The severity can not be determined From the current, the value is negotiated by the vehicle and shaft.

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What if the old factory?

Juice Booster 2 and Tesla Mobile Connector are very advanced chargers Automatically recognizes which plug is used Accordingly, they calibrate the maximum intensity of the current absorbed by the system. For example, 13A with Schuko on the portable connector (2.9 kW on a 230V home system) or 16A/32A with the industrial blue transformer, up to 3.7 kW or 7.4 kW.

use with file The old system, has no basis, both systems immediately reported “low quality” of the network they were connecting to. juice boost 2 He was even more restrained with his red flashlight immediately lit up on top of that It is always automatically set to this power value which eliminates the risk of overload socket to which it is connected.

The Tesla Mobile Connector was picky at 10A but still started charging at 8A manually selected from the onboard computer.

Safe yet independent and remote

Focus on safety is confirmed by temperature sensor iintegrated for local ports: Unlike industrial and wall boxes, these They were not originally designed to supply high current loads continuously and for a long time.

Then there’s another issue to consider: We often don’t know the quality of our garage system, let alone that of the Schuko socket in the cottage we call during our vacation: the danger is High temperature from the poles And in extreme cases, shooting.

Then the sensor talks to the Booster 2 ei electronics controllersCharging stopped. The feature is that She is also smart: In case of problems “Unplug” everything until it cools down, but then try again Independently With three attempts to gradually reduce the power.

Practically speaking, it makes all the difference in the world because One goes through the morning without charge (taken from real experience) For a guaranteed minimum fee. He may not have been able to keep 10A, but with his “precautionary stubbornness” he came home for several hours on a charge at 8A or 6A and still allowed him to store precious kilometres.

what is it transformers by Juice Booster 2 with the temperature sensor Celsius juice? The sensor is integrated into all Schuko transducers, in the L-type (the Italian three-pole transducer) and in the G-type (for the UK) and T12/T13 for Switzerland. This is not a separate accessoryThese are included when purchasing the adapter from those listed. This means that it is present in these, for example:

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But they are missing in those of the industrial socket at 230V or 400V:

Price and conclusions

The extended experience with Juice Booster 2 allows me to offer a thought deconstructing classic suspension for those who are already warming their thumbs for identifying it as a useless and costly electric cable for the wealthy. Safety is no joke, this model can be The solution to the inattentive user Who does not know and does not want to make the slightest assessment of the quality of the system with which he is connected, perhaps because he will not reach out to Schuko who found himself in the garage. How often do you want that to happen?

Other typical buyer can be Who can use their full potential? Described in previous chapters: In addition to safety, Juice Booster 2 justifies its cost with its versatility and power compared to (few) other all-around cables.

The basic set is available on Amazon for just under €1,000, but also check the official website for any specials:

You have to be honest and Evaluate each case individually: For many of the needs of those reading these lines, for example, the ideal solution might be a fixed wall box: Gus has one of the smartest ones, the Charger Mi, but in many cases, one of the “stupid” and not the strong may be enough.

You can save hundreds of Euros by just wasting 5 minutes thinking: What are my needs? How much energy do I need per day kilometers in an electric car? Is having a wall box attached really useful for me or wouldn’t it make any difference to me?

Juice CHARGER me: A simple, complete, connected wall box.  For home or B2B

to me
since 31

In short, Juice Booster 2 cannot be called must have To jump on it, but it is wrong to analyze it superficially. If you fall within the goal, the euro spent as a one-time investment is worth it!

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