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Skiing Bianca Orcero from Pietrasanta came close to the podium at the Whistler Cup in Canada: she finished fourth in the slalom.

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Ligurian stone/Savona. She doesn’t get on stage by a whisker, but her satisfaction is sky high anyway. The young Bianca Orsero, a skier from Pietra Ligure, returned to being the first European athlete in the competition, finishing fourth in the giant slalom from Canada: a great achievement considering that she was competing for the first time this year. Under 14 years of age.

Bianca, produced in 2010, participated in the Whistler Cup together with another athlete from Savona, also a member of the Equipe Limone, namely Matteo Garbasso (born 2009): the only two very young Italians in the race. Demonstration. Dedicated to the children’s divisions, it took place in a charming resort that hosted the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, just off the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

It was a truly intense adventure that the two boys lived in the province of British Columbia, which not only allowed them to compete with athletes from all over the world, but also to live a fun travel experience with friends, comrades and coaches Nicolò Cerbo and Nicolas. socket.

Coming back to the competitive aspect, Bianca was the best young athlete born in 2010 in the under-14 girls category. Arisu Takase of Japan won the race with a total score of 2′,22″,27. /100 , as evidenced by the fact that Canadian kids are competing in demanding tracks and layouts where the times of individual heats are longer than the European average, averaging over one minute and 10 seconds. In the second place of the under-14 giant was the American Maya Maxon, separated from the Japanese opponent by 1″,30/100, in the third place was the Canadian Logan Quay, who competed for the representative of the province of Quebec and reached 2″. ,32/ 100 from the winner. 2″,77/100 gap to the European Bianca Orsero, fourth overall and first, as mentioned, better considering that she is in her first year in the under-14s.

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In the under-14 men’s slalom, Matteo Garbasso had an unfortunate exit in the first heats. Matteo was twenty-third at Gigante on April 15th. The race was won by Kensuko Okuma of Japan with a total of 2′,20″,36/100. However, Carpasso had a great performance in the team relay and team event, winning all the direct challenges in which he participated.

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